Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th June 2022 Written Update: Sai recalls her promise given to Samrat

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi shouting at Sai and ask her to tell the truth. Everyone cries seeing her state, while Mansi falls in front of Samrat’s dead body. Sai breaksdown and notify that how Jagtap killed Samrat, when the latter was trying to save her. All gets shocked finding about the truth, while Pakhi slaps Sai hard and accuses her for killing Samrat. She looses her calm and blames Sai for intentionally calling Samrat instead of Virat to help her, even when she knew Jagtap was a danger to her. She hits Sai stating that she have snatched her husband, whereas the latter tries to deny all the allegations.

Here, Pakhi was about to slap Sai again when Virat holds her hands and ask her to control herself. He says that they can understand her pain, but insists her not to blame Sai. He also cries remembering his moments with Samrat, whereas Pakhi holds his collar and rebukes him for supporting Sai. She declares that she won’t forgive Sai for snatching Samrat from her.

Sai breaksdown on the floor stating that she haven’t killed Samrat. She remembers her moments with him and recalls how he always used to support her. She gets flashes of Samrat saying that he will always be with Sai, while she cries recalling his death. She remembers how he took last breath in front of her.

Elsewhere, Ashwini tries to console Sai. Meanwhile, Pakhi looks at Samrat’s dead body and ask him to wake up. She reminds him about their budding relationship and says that he can’t leave her like this. She insists him to get up, while everyone feels sympathy towards her. She gets emotionless and keeps staring at Samrat’s body.

Chavans starts performing last rituals of Samrat and the priest notify them about the process. Pakhi keeps looking at Samrt being devastated, while Virat recalls his moments with Samrat. Meanwhile, Ninad feels blank and says that he can’t accept Samrat’s death. At that time Devyani also comes there along with Pulkit and gets shattered seeing Samrat’s body.

Ahead, Devyani denies to accept Samrat’s loss and falls down stating that he can’t leave them. Mansi’s health also deteriorates and they puts her inside her room. Sonali and Karishma also cries seeing everything, while Ashwini gets sentimental thinking about Mansi’s condition.

Chavans was about to take Samrat’s dead body from the house, but Pakhi stops them and stands in front of it. Bhavani ask her not to do it, as it isn’t a good sign. Pakhi says that Sai have snatched her husband from her and so she can’t let her be a part of Samrat’s last rituals. She ask Sai to stay back at the house, while the latter gets shocked and says that she can’t miss her brother’s last rituals.

Further, Sai remembers her promise given to Samrat in order to support her and agrees to stay back. Virat was about to offend, when Ashwini consoles him and supports Sai’s decision. They all goes to give last tribute to Samrat.

Pakhi’s mother cry showing sympathy towards her, whereas the latter keeps looking at Samrat’s body and recalls their moments. Sai cries inside the house and says that she accepted Pakhi’s punishment only for Samrat. She says that she misses her brother and prays for his peace.

Precap:- Sai gets inside Mansi’s room while Karishma tries to stop her. She sees Mansi’s health getting deteriorates and gives her oxygen mask, but the latter pushes Sai away and blames her for snatching Samrat. Sai tells Mansi about Samrat’s last wish to look after his mother and insists Mansi to let her fulfill it. Whereas, both of them burst into tears.

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