Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th June 2024 Written Update: Ishaan gets framed for Suman’s death

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhawar Patil recalling about what happened. Bhawar Patil says to himself that Ishaan might have escaped today and says he will create Charge sheet in such a way that Ishaan no lawyer will be able to save Ishaan. Inder sends the constable away.

Inder asks Bhawar Patil what is he doing as he is saying that he loves Savi but he is creating trouble for Savi. Bhawar Patil comments on it. Inder asks Bhawar Patil then why did he send people to make those dirty drawing on Savi’s wall and defame her. Bhawar Patil says when the whole world turns against Savi he will care for her then Savi will also love him. Inder comments on it. Inder tries to convince Bhawar Patil to leave Ishaan and Savi but Bhawar Patil doesn’t listen to Inder.

Savi comes to the Filmy artist agency to get information about Suman. Savi lies to the agency that they liked Suman for a lead role in the serial and they want Suman’s contact information to talk to her. The filmy artist agency believe Savi’s lies and give her Suman’s phone no and address. Savi decides to go to to Suman’s address.

Bhawar Patil makes Suman impersonate Savi. Bhawar Patil makes Suman speak to him as if she is Savi and Savi has left Ishaan for him and she loves Bhawar Patil. Bhawar Patil also sees Savi in Suman and says to her, how much he loves Savi. Suman comes out of her character and says if someone loves her so much then she will leave everything and marry him. Bhawar Patil comments on Suman.

Savi comes the address given by the agency. Savi doesn’t find Suman there but the house owner says to Savi that Suman has shifted from here. Savi makes up the same reason and takes the new address of Suman. Savi leaves from there.

Suman sees the voice message in her phone from her ex house owner saying a lady came from production house and they offered her a role. The house owner says the phone no of Savi as Savi drops her id card at the house owner’s place. Bhawar Patil overhears the phone no and understands that Savi is coming here. Bhawar Patil gives money to Suman and tries to leave. Suman asks Bhawar Patil how is her acting. Bhawar Patil says her acting is really bad. Suman gets furious and says he will never get Savi and this is the truth. Bhawar Patil hits Suman. Suman hits her table to the head and dies.

Savi comes to Suman’s house and finds her body hanging to the ceiling. Savi calls the cops.

Inder comes to Savi and says to Savi that she needs to answer a few questions. The constable shows a video of Suman before her death that she put in the social media. Suman says in the video that Ishaan nearly destroyed her life and nothing happened to him. Suman says to everyone that she is going to commit suicide and Ishaan is responsible for her death.

The Bhosle family see in the news about Suman’s suicide and everyone blames Ishaan for Suman’s suicide. The people outside the Bhosle family shout slogans against Ishaan.

Nishikanth learns by talking to the lawyer that arrest warrant has already been released on Ishaan’s name. Nishikanth says to Ishaan that he should run away from here. Ishaan doesn’t agree.

Savi tries to enter the Bhosle house but she is not allowed inside. The reporters question Savi about Ishaan. Bhawar Patil comes to the house with cops to arrest Ishaan. Bhawar Patil comes to Ishaan and says to Ishaan he is under arrest.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ishaan and Savi get ready for their wedding but bomb blasts go off in their wedding. Someone is shown to be shooting. Ishaan and Savi hug each other.

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