Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th January 2023 Written Update: Sai goes to meet Dr. Ashok

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai getting disturb thinking about her lost child Vinu. She tries to divert her mind by doing house chores, but keep getting flashes of the bus accident. She decides to get Anandi’s number from Virat and falls into dilemma thinking that whether to tell her suspicion to Virat or not? She also decides to meet Dr. Ashok in order to discuss about the survivors of the bus accident. Meanwhile, Usha sees Sai and observes that she is tensed about something. She stops the latter from doing the chores and questions about the matter. She makes Sai sit along with her and states that she will feel relief, if she shares the matter.

Here, Sai tries to avoid the topic and assures Usha that everything is fine. The latter doesn’t get convinced and proclaims that she knows Sai is worried about something and that is why continuously thinking about it. She tries to make Sai understand that sharing that issue will make her feel light and will clear her mind to think better regarding the situation.

Sai finally decides to tell the matter to Usha. She proclaims that she is getting hints that her son Vinu is alive. She notify the latter about all the situations which made her believe it and proclaims that even the orphanage people were talking about the child survivor of the bus accident. She proclaims that she have high hopes that her son is alive and states that she wants to search for him.

Elsewhere, Sai also states that she is in dilemma that whether to tell Virat about it or not? She proclaims that he have full rights to know about it, but Usha denies. She tells Sai that she is thinking too much and ask her not to get any hopes. She reminds how she difficult it was for her to move on from the death of Vinu and insists not to think about it again.

Usha also stops Sai from telling about it to Virat as he will also get depressed. Sai agrees to Usha but decides to meet Dr. Ashok. Meanwhile, Virat recalls the taunts of Karishma and gets flashes of the time when he did wrong with Sai. He cries while Pakhi confronts him and ask if he regrets supporting her against Sai? He replies positively and says that he did wrong to her. He then ask Pakhi not to think about the matter while she goes away from there.

Ahead, Bhavani lashes out at Sonali for not controlling Karishma. She says that their name will get spoiled in public due to Karishma’s action. Meanwhile, Sonali blames everything on Sai. Bhavani also states that the latter must be involved in trying to spoil their name. Whereas, Ashwini comes there and takes a stand for Sai, but Bhavani rebukes her.

Virat sees Sai’s message asking for Anandi’s number and gets suspicious. He calls her asking about the matter but she hides it from him. He also finds that she went to the hospital to meet Dr. Ashok and concludes that she is trying to find about Vinu. He decides to stop her and then calls Anandi asking her not to tell anything about Vinayak being his biological son to anyone, even his family members. The latter assures him that they don’t leak any information to anyone.

Further, Virat tries to call Dr. Ashok but he doesn’t recive the call. Virat gets tensed and thinks that he can’t let the truth come out in front of Sai. He then goes to the hospital to meet Dr. Ashok, while Sai sits along with him and introduces herself to the doctor. She questions him about the bus accident case while he says that one more person came there to ask about the same. He was about to mention Virat’s name while at that time the latter comes there and Ashok goes to meet him outside. He makes a request to Ashok and ask to hide the truth from Sai. Meanwhile, Ashok returns back to his cabin and Sai confronts him about the truth, but he gets silent.

Precap:- Sai gets restless to find information about Vinu. Anandi doesn’t notify her about anything, so Sai decided to find the truth on her own. She sneak inside the orphanage and tries to find information from their computer. Meanwhile, the watchman and staff caught her. They called Virat and told him about the matter while he gets shocked.

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