Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th November 2022 Written Update: Pakhi confronts Virat about the truth

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai getting arrested by the police team. She tries to release herself and proclaims that she wants to go to her daughter, but the police team puts her inside the jeep and takes her to the jail on Virat’s order. She keeps shouting for help and cries, while Chavans gets shocked seeing the scenario. Meanwhile, Virat goes inside the house, followed by his family. They questions him about the matter and ask if he wants to adopt Savi on Vinayak’s request? He looks at them and stays quiet.

Here, Virat tells his family that he will answer all their questions afterwards as he needs to be along with Savi as she is suffering from high fever. Meanwhile, at that time Pakhi goes towards him and confronts about the truth. She ask if what he said in front of Sai is true or not? To which he looks at Pakhi and nods positively.

Virat states that Savi is his and Sai’s daughter, to which everyone gets shocked. Pakhi becomes heart broken and starts crying while she ask that who told him about it? Virat replies that Jagtap came to notify him about the truth and also helped him to stop Savi from going away from him along with Sai.

Elsewhere, Bhavani smirks and starts concluding the plan of Sai. She denies to accept Savi as Virat’s daughter and states that the latter is lying. She starts decoding Sai’s game and proclaims that the latter is too smart. She states that Sai sended her lover Jagtap to their house and used him to tell Virat about Savi being his daughter.

Bhavani continues that Sai intentionally goes to bus stand knowing about the reaction if Virat after finding about the matter. She points finger at Sai’s character while Virat takes a stand for her and states that Sai will never lie to anyone. He ask Bhavani not to comment upon his relationship with Savi and states that he knows Sai will never lie.

Ahead, Pakhi feels jealous seeing the truth of Virat upon Sai. She cries and then wipes her tears. She keeps looking at Virat who is showing his full trust on Sai. Whereas, he also stops Bhavani from meeting his daughter and ask her not to go near Savi. Everyone gets shocked by his decision while Ashwini shows her concern towards Sai and ask Virat that he shouldn’t have to send Sai to jail.

Virat shows his anger towards Sai and proclaims that the latter was trying to take Savi away from him. He states that he won’t let Sai go away easily, while Ashwini tells that Savi won’t be able to stay without her mother. Virat declares that he will give all the love to Savi and won’t let her feel the absence of a mother. Ashwini tries to make Virat understand but he stays firm on his decision.

Further, the police office puts Sai inside a cabin of interrogation while she keeps shouting to get a phone to call someone but nobody pays heed towards her. Meanwhile, Sonali taunts Ashwini for taking a stand for Sai while the latter clarify that she is just worried about Savi. Meanwhile, Virat goes inside the room and looks after Savi. At that time Vinayak comes there and they both looks at Savi. Whereas, she wakes up and ask about her mother while both stays silent.

Precap:- Usha tries to feed Sai and gets worried as she didn’t eat anything. Sai proclaims that she won’t eat anything till she gets her daughter back. She determines to take Savi away from Virat and vows not to let him come near her. Whereas, Virat gets concerned for Savi as her fever doesn’t get down. He decides to take her to the doctor while she says that her mother is a doctor and ask to see her. Meanwhile, Sai tries to run away from the police station. She gets the gun kept of the table and points at the police officers asking them to stay back.

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