Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Bhavani to make a shocking demand?

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Star Plus’s popular show Ghum Hain Kisike Pyaar mein is topping the TRP charts. With Sai back to Chavan mansion, Virat and Ashwini feel like thier power is back. Virat is not ready to let Sai go now.

Here, Pakhi is feeling left out and alone seeing her love, Virat spending quality time with Sai. To add on the feeling, Bhavani’s attitude has started changing not towards Sai but towards Devyaani. This change in Bhavani’s attitude is because of Sai.

Pakhi feels like her say in the house is going. It is highly suspected that Pakhi will soon take some harsh steps against Sai in order to bring her suppy systems, Virat and Bhavani to her side. It will be interesting to watch if Virat and Sai can sustain the future challenges together?

In the current track, Sai is about to leave for college when Pakhi starts calling Sai fake and how she doesn’t like me talking to Virat. Ninand and Omi scold Sai.

Mohit and Ashwini defend Sai. Pakhi says Sai is fake and doesn’t care about Virat, because of her Virat slept in couch yesterday. Ashwini scolds Pakhi. Sai says so you were with my husbans at night? Sai feels offended with everyone calling her fake so she tells Pakhi to tell her truth, why she married Samrat to stay close to Virat! Pakhi is shocked.

Virat comes downstairs. Pakhi asks Virat to tell Sai why you came down and slept on the couch. Sai says Virat you will have to tell everyone why we fought yesterday as Pakhi says I am the one doing all this to make you suffer. Virat is shocked. Ashwini calms Sai but she keeps on saying Pakhi has a big secret which none of you know.

Ninad and Bhavani try to shut Sai up. Sai says Pakhi never wanted to marry Samrat. Everyone is shocked. Sai tells everyone that Virat promisee Pakhi that he can’t give anyone her place. Ashwini tries ro stop her but Sai says she is tired of getting blamed.

Omkar, Ninad and Bhavani side with Pakhi and badmouth Sai. Sai’s leg twists but she doesn’t let Virat help her. She tells everyone that only her actions are always questioned and not Pakhi’s. Pakhi warns Sai that she is insulting her. Sai says today she has to answer.

Ashwini feels helpless that she is unable to handle the situation. Sai angrily goes to college. Sonali tells Omkar in their room that Sai was right, there is something fishy between Virat and Pakhi. Here, Sai is upset and shares with Pulkit that how everyone hurts her.

Pulkit tries to convince her to go home but Sai disagrees. Here, Bhavani takes Pakhi to Virat but seeing Virat worried about Sai makes Pakhi sad. Bhavani says it’s okay if you both have a past, Sai shouldn’t be so worried.

Virat feels shocked. Sai goes to Pulkit’s house and asks Pulkit not to inform Virat. Here, Bhavani badmouths Virat, he feels very angry but controls it. Bhavani asks Virat to feed food to Pakhi and eat with her.

Virat says he is not hungry and he says sorry on behlaf of Sai. Pakhi thinks even now he is thinking like Sai’s husband. Here, Ashwini talks in support of Sai. Pulkit tells Virat about Sai being in thier house. Virat feels sad. Here, Harini makes Sai eat food.

Sai informs Ashwini by calling her. Ashwini is relieved that Sai is fine and has eaten. Bhavani feels angry thinking how everything is about Sai nowadays. Virat thinks how to keep Sai close to her whereas Sai tells Ashwini that she is upset that Virat was rhe one to go out of room but I am getting blamed.

In the upcoming episodes, Sunny will tell Virat how Sai loves him. Pakhi will hear this and will get sad and upset.

Has Bhavani changed? Will Bhavani make rhings easier for Devyaani? What is in store for Sai and Virat? Will Pakhi play a dirty game?

How will Virat cope up? Keep following this space for more information on your favourite shows.