Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Chavans to torture Sai!

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Star Plus’s popular show Ghum Hain Kisike Pyaar mein is topping the TRP charts. With Sai back to Chavan mansion, Virat and Ashwini feel like thier power is back. Virat is not ready to let Sai go now.

Here, Pakhi is feeling left out and alone seeing her love, Virat spending quality time with Sai. To add on the feeling, Bhavani’s attitude has started changing not towards Sai but towards Devyaani.

This change in Bhavani’s attitude is because of Sai. Pakhi feels like her say in the house is going. It is highly suspected that Pakhi will soon take some harsh steps against Sai in order to bring her suppy systems, Virat and Bhavani to her side. It will be interesting to watch if Virat and Sai can sustain the future challenges together?

In the current track, Ashwini and Virat say Sai will go with Virat as after marriage, husband and wife go to functions together. Pakhi is irritated. Later Ashwini makes Sai ready. Virat comes and teases Sai so she undos her hair. Ashwini goes from there.

Sai and Virat spend nice cute time together where Virat teases her but then they patch up. Here, Sai plans to give Pakhi’s mom a saree so they pack it while Virat keeps on looking at Sai. When Sai and Virat gift the saree to Vaishali, she taunts Sai for giving an expensive gift using Virat’s money to show off.

Pakhi won’t let any moment pass by without taunts. Virat will apologize to Sai for taking her there. Later, they spend cute romantic moments also Virat informs Sai about his dangerous mission. She worries and hugs him. Virat feels loved. Virat gives a warm goodbye to Sai before going to mission.

They decide to talk over call everyday at 8pm. Virat is about to hug but someone calls so they leave. Later, Pakhi creates a scene for Sai giving extra gift to her mother. Again, Sai is humilated by all while protected by Ashwini. Sai replies back to Pakhi making her upset. Sai taunts back and leaves for college.

Ashwini says she is going to her maternal house. Here, Pakhi and her supporters think to make Sai apologize to Pakhi. When Sai comes back they start taunting her torturing her with words. Sai feels attacked. Pakhi gets happy seeing this.

In the upcoming episodes, Sai will reveal to Chavans how Virat has bo right on her. Chavans will get shocked.

Has Bhavani changed? Will Bhavani make rhings easier for Devyaani? What is in store for Sai and Virat? Will Pakhi play a dirty game? How will Virat cope up?

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