Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Harini to forgive Devyaani!

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Star Plus’s popular show Ghum Hain Kisike Pyaar mein is topping the TRP charts. With Sai back to Chavan mansion, Virat and Ashwini feel like thier power is back. Virat is not ready to let Sai go now. Here, Pakhi is feeling left out and alone seeing her love, Virat spending quality time with Sai.

To add on the feeling, Bhavani’s attitude has started changing not towards Sai but towards Devyaani. This change in Bhavani’s attitude is because of Sai. Pakhi feels like her say in the house is going.

It is highly suspected that Pakhi will soon take some harsh steps against Sai in order to bring her suppy systems, Virat and Bhavani to her side. It will be interesting to watch if Virat and Sai can sustain the future challenges together?

In the current track, Bhavani is shocked to see Harini’s pic. Virat says today we are going to celebrate Harini’s birthday. Sai asks Bhavani to tell the truth or else I will. Pakhi creates a scene saying Sai is again disrespecting Bhavani but Virat supports Sai.

Bhavani says I don’t want to justify what I did in past. Sai says okay then I will. Bhavani says Harini is Devyaani ans Pulkit’s daughter. Ashwini says how come? Sai says you are the innocent one, Bhavani told only those who would have helped her in hiding this, like Ninad and Omkar and Harini was given to Orphanage.

Virat gets shocked and asks them how they could be so heartless that they separated a child from mother? Pakhi defends Bhavani and says how the child was before marriage and Bhavani did this for rhe family’s respect. Virat is shocked that Pakhi already knew and supported Bhavani.

Sai taunts on Pakhi’s old thinking. Bhavani says she is educated that’s why she understands, the family would have faced disrespect and I consider Harini bad blood. Virat geta upset that how his family is so heartless that they can consider a small baby who has no fault of her own as bad omen. Ashwini, Mohit, Sai and Virat will not support Bhavani’s decision while others support her.

Pakhi taunts Virat to always be on Sai’s side but not seeing what Bhavani is going through. Virat says Bhavani lied to me about Devyaani when she was the reason for her this mental state. Sai says how Harini is not ready to accept Devyaani because of Bhavani and how hurt Devyaani is. Bhavani denies to attend the party. Sai says you have created this mess so you should correct it too atleast to reduce Devyaani’s pain and tension.

Bhavani agrees to attend the party. Sai and Virat inform Pulkit, who gets happy that Chavans agreed. Later, Bhavani and Pakhi are in room where Bhavani shares how Pakhi is the only one on her side truely, she understands her. Bhavani says she doesn’t want to go to party but because of everyone’s blame she has to.

Here, Sonali tries to manipulate Ashwini that how Bhavani shares her secret with Pakhi but not Ashwini. Ashwini says she is glad Bhavani didn’t tell her as Ashwini would have gone against it. Here, Sai, Virat ans Mohit plan a play for Harini’s birthday party.

Mohit says for the role of Devyaani, Pakhi will be best. Sai asks Virat to convince Pakhi. Virat goes to Pakhi and tries to talk to her ans convince her for the role but she denies. Virat explains how it is important for Devyaani. Pakhi agrees. They all start preparing for play. Sai appreciates Pakhi’s decision.

Here, Virat makes other family members understand how they should behave well when Hairini comes. Bhavani says I am doing this just for Devyaani. Virat calls Pulkit and family. Devyaani and Bhavani hug. Sai does aarti of Harini. Harini feels happy to meet all. Harini says why isn’t Devyaani normal like you, I don’t like her.

Ashwini tries to gift her what she brought to change the topic. Sai also gifts Harini a ganesh idol. Harini learns how she and Sai both love Ganesh ji. Virat asks everyone to sit and the play starts. Harini identifies Sai as herself the fairy and Devyaani played by Pakhi as the fairy mother.

Sai and Pakhi show how Devyaani suffered all those years without Harini. Here, Bhavani gets emotional. Then Virat says will Harini accept Devyaani? Harini runs and hugs Devyaani.

Everyone becomes happy. Bhavani, Harini and Devyaani’s pics are also clicked. Pulkit thanks Virat and Sai to make it possible. Sai praises Mohit for his direction for the play too. When the birthday party ends, Bhavani says to Virat that she did everything he asked her to do and now she is going. Virat hugs Sai and thanks her. Pakhi looks on upset.

In the upcoming episodes, Pakhi blames Virat that he didn’t fullfill his promise to always be with him and she is stuck in this marriage because of him.

Here, Sai hears them talk like this and feels she is the reason due to which Virat is unable to complete his promise.

Has Bhavani changed? Will Bhavani make rhings easier for Devyaani? What is in store for Sai and Virat? Will Pakhi play a dirty game?

How will Virat cope up? Keep following this space for more information on your favourite shows.