Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Pakhi to suffer emotional breakdown!

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Star Plus’s top rated show “Ghum Hai Kise key Pyaar Meiin” has been entertaining the audiences with its exciting twists and plots. Previously, Virat saved Savi and Vinayak from Pratap and had a family moment along with Sai.

He also tried to tell the truth to Sai regarding Vinayak’s identity, but got interrupted by Pulkit’s call. He gave the responsibility of the kids to Sai and went for the hospital as Pakhi’s health got critical.

Meanwhile, Pulkit called Sai to assist him in the operation and decided to remove Pakhi’s uterus in order to save her life. They asked the permission from Virat, while he got shocked but agreed to it. Bhavani blamed Sai for all the problems, while they both got into an argument.

In the current track, Virat scolds Sai and Bhavani to stop them from arguing. He ask them to concentrate on Pakhi’s condition and shows his concern towards the latter. Meanwhile, Chavans prays for Pakhi and cries after thinking about her state.

Here, Ashwini gets emotional recalling the time when they were expecting Pakhi to give birth to Virat and her child. She goes out of the room as she couldn’t able to see Pakhi’s state. Whereas, the operation gets successful and Sai along with Pulkit saves Pakhi’s life.

Sai sits along with Virat and consoles his stating that she knows he is going through a hard situation. She ask him to stay strong for Pakhi as she really needs his support.

Ahead, Sai tells Virat that they won’t be able to extend their family anymore and ask him not to mention about it in front of Pakhi as it will hurt her more. Meanwhile, he again tries to tell her about their son Vinu but at that time Bhavani comes there and lashes out at Sai.

Virat somehow controls Bhavani and then goes to see Pakhi as she gets consciousness. She gets elated upon seeing Vinayak and shows her concern towards him. She expresses her gratitude towards Sai for looking after her son.

Later, she found about her operation and gets shocked. She looses her calm and starts shouting. They tries to make her calm but gets unsuccessful and so injected her with sleeping medicine. Virat then talks to Sai and notify her about Vinayak being their own biological son Vinu, while Sai gets emotional.

Now in the upcoming episode, Pakhi will get elated finding that Vinayak is the child whom she has given birth. She will hug the latter and expresses her happiness while Sai will stand against her and reminds about the past in which she decided to leave the house along with Vinu. She will proclaim that he is her child and ask Virat to support her.

She will state that previously he haven’t supported her and state that now he have to be on her side. Sai will demand to take Vinu along with her while Pakhi will deny to give him to her and ask Virat to support her decision.

She will threaten that she will suicide if he tries to snatch Vinu from her and runs towards the window of the hospital. She will jump off from there while Virat will get shocked seeing her lying in the pool of blood.

Will Virat be able to save Pakhi?

Will Virat support Pakhi or Sai?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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