Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Sai to request for something surprising?

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Star Plus’ show Ghum Hain Kisike Pyaar mein is yet to see a big change with Sai’s attitude. Sai who was not thinking much about Chavans, is now taking care of their interests. With Ninad now in a bit of Sai’s favour, we see Pakhi getting anxious and upset seeing Sai getting accepted by the Chavans. Where, Bhavani is slowly seem to understand Sai too. Viewers are hoping for a confession soon. There are many expectations from the show kept by the viewers. But with Sai getting injured because of Virat’s jealousy, the bond of Sai and Virat might see a big change. What miracle will save this?

In the current track, Virat goes into the room and sees Sai coughing and Ajinkya making her drink water. Virat becomes angry and starts questioning Sai. Ajinkya reveals how Pakhi asked him to go to Sai’s room but Virat still questions Sai. Sai angrily goes out of house. Pakhi thinks now Sai won’t return to Chavan house. Ashwini and Mansi blame Pakhi as she shouldn’t have sent Ajinkya without permission. Here, Virat is upset but also concern so he follows Sai but keeps questioning her. Suddenly Sai meets with a road accident. Everyone worries and Mohit blames Virat for doubting Sai. Virat feels guilty and requests Pulkit to cure Sai. Pulkit is furious to know how Sai got injured. Sai gains conciousness and asks Pulkit to not tell Virat about her well being. Sai shares her pain with Pulkit. Pulkit determines to be firm with Virat as he really hurt Sai. Pulkit in a way taunts and scolds Virat for being so careless with Sai. Pulkit shares about Sai’s health status with Ashwini.

In the upcoming episodes, Ninand will tell Virat how Pakhi forced Ajinkya to go to Sai’s room. Virat will get furious.

Will Sai go into Coma? Will Virat and Sai confess to each other? Will Virat be able to save Sai?