Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Weekly Update: Samrat doubts Pakhi’s intentions.

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Star Plus’ show Ghum Hain Kisike Pyaar mein is seeing a a major change after Samrat’s return and Pakhi and Samrat uniting. Chavans are shown happy for unification of Samrat and Pakhi. With Virat now thinking to stay away and angry from Sai, viewers seem to have to wait more for thier most awaited confession. There are many expectations from the show kept by the viewers, but only time will tell if the expectations meets the reality.

In the current track Vaishali requests Samrat to meet the guests else they will think Samrat and Pakhi are having problem. Samrat says he and Pakhi promised each other many thing during marriage but they could not fulfil that. Samrat refuses to meet the guests. Pakhi tells her mother to cancel the get together as Samrat is not ready. Samrat says why she is cancelling it. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to meet them alone and she doesn’t want to see people doing pity on her. She will wait when Samrat will be ready. Samrat thanks her for understanding.

Virat says when Sai will realise the truth he will wait for that day. She is finding a different meaning of the situation. Sai says Virat is not accepting the truth. She blames Virat for showing off in front of Samrat. Pakhi can’t love Samrat just how Virat can’t love Sai. Sai can’t start loving Virat as he loves only Pakhi. Virat says he is not a cheater which Sai thinks. Sai taunts him back saying Virat can’t stand that some members are supporting her. He is just taking her responsibility forcibly. Virat says he cares for her presence that’s why he is leaving. Sai get shocked.

Samrat doubts every action of Pakhi. Later, Sai feels that she can’t live here for long so she writes an application to college for her transfer to Gadchiroli. Here, Chavans are shocked to know Virat had locked Sai in room. Sai questions Virat’s indifferent attitude. Sai shares her feelings with Pulkit. Pulkit tries to reason out with Sai how if Pakhi wouldn’t be there then Sai would have fallen for Virat. Here, Samrat asks Virat why he locked Sai, it’s wrong and goes to open the lock. They don’t find Sai inside and Virat taunts Sai. Here, Pulkit asks Sai to come for puja and then later can decide what to do. Here, Pakhi would knowingly put her saree in hawan fire, thinking Virat will save her but instead Samrat saves her. Later, Virat questions Sai why she escaped like that. Samrat tries to calm Virat but Pakhi tries to instigate Virat. Samrat scolds Pakhi for instigating Virat. Virat says how he is saying out of care.

Vaishali asks Pakhi why Samrat is saying things so rudely. They change the topic seeing Samrat coming. Pakhi then takes a shocking decision to accompany Samrat to live in orphanage. Samrat gets surprised. Vaishali tries to explain Pakhi how she is giving away her life. Samrat says she is not forcing Pakhi. Pakhi asks Samrat to try to trust her once. Samrat says she needs time. Pakhi agrees. Later, Sai tries to bring Pakhi in all conversations with Virat. This irritates Virat. Later, Pakhi comes to call Virat and Sai for breakfast and again Sai starts taunting Pakhi about how she is showing off and trying to come in between Sai and Virat.

Virat says he can’t live without Sai. Whereas Sai is adamant to leave and go. Virat tries to convince Sai. Sai says food won’t be wasted from tomorrow. Sai goes to college and tells principal and Pulkit about her decision to go back to Gadchiroli. Pulkit tries to make Sai understand that this won’t be a solution but Sai is adamant. Here, Pakhi thinks to do aarti of Virat when he comes with the idol. Sai comes back from college so seeing Virat carrying the idol, Ashwini asks Sai to do the aarti. Pakhi becomes disappointed.

Bhavani asks Pakhi to make modaks for all. Samrat asks Pakhi why she taunts Sai whereas Sai says she knows Sai only likes modaks made by Virat or Kamal. Listening to this Virat says I will make the modaks. Later, Sai tells Devyani about her leaving. Devyaani will get to know that Sai is planning to leave. Sai trick her so that she doesn’t tell anyone. Virat hears all this. Here, Samrat asks Pakhi why she wanted him to bring the idol. Pakhi lies saying she wanted to do the aarti of him as she has never got the chance. Samrat is convinced. Later, Sai and Virat again have a dispute on Pakhi’s topic. Devyani tries to cool Virat but he doesn’t.

In the upcoming episodes, Virat will show the empty drawer of Sai to Ashwini. Ashwini will ask Sai what is she hiding?