Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Weekly Update: Will Virat and Sai come closer?

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Star Plus’ show Ghum Hain Kisike Pyaar mein is seeing a a major change seeing Sai returning to Chavan mansion after her accident. Sai is now thinking her relationship with Virat to be more than just friends. With Sai uniting Ashwini and Ninad, now the viewers are expecting a nice grand confession by Sai soon. There are many expectations from the show kept by the viewers, but only time will tell if the expectations meets the reality.

Virat is surprised as he thought Bhavani started liking Sai. Pakhi feels happy seeing Bhavani has still not gone to team Sai. Bhavani tells Sai to shift to Virat’s room. Sai says why. Bhavani scolds Ashwini for letting Sai take so much freedom. Bhavani tells Virat and Sai that rules of the house won’t be changed for you both so I want you both to stay in your one room in the next 10 days and I want a grandchild by next year. They get shocked while Pakhi gets angry. Sai feels upset and thinks of leaving the house but Samrat and Virat stop her. Virat says talk to me as your friend.

Sonali puts pressure on Karishma and Mohit to have the baby first. Here, Sai and Bhavani have argument over who will do the household work for Diwali if Sai start going to college. Ashwini comes and says she will do it. Then Virat says he is going to drop Sai in college. Samrat and Pakhi also tag in. Sai and Pakhi have an argument but Sai doesn’t react and goes. Pakhi meets with an accident and Virat holds her in his arm. Pakhi thinks Sai will react but she doesn’t and Pulkit treats Pakhi. Later, Ninad and Ashwini think this year Virat and Sai should go for Diwali shopping. Here, Pakhi tries her ways to get near to Viray but all in vain.

When Virat and Sai are about to go for shopping. Sonali and Om make a fuss. Ashwini and Ninad try to explain it to all but no one listens and fights over going for shopping. Later, in the market Virat sees a man whom he thinks he knows. He gets into thinking. Sadanand sees Viray and thinks he can’t talk to his friend because of the situation he is in and goes. Here, Police is looking for the criminal. Ashwini takes Virat and Sai to their family jeweller where it is revealed that Ashwini made two rings from her jewellery for Virat and Sai. They exchange rings. Later, they find a lost baby and take care of her till the time her parents came. Ashwini gets happy seeing them together.

Virat will be happy to know about Sai returning to his room. Virat will think soon they will start a husband wife relationship. Later, Virat will get to know someone from her past is returning to his life and will worry if it will affect Sai. Virat and Sai spend some alone time in terrace with tea. Virat remembers old days. Pakhi watches this and feels what is Sai trying to do. Later, Pakhi will come to Virat and will be joking around when Samrat will come and question her about her being with Virat late at night. Sai will say Pakhi was missing you only. Pakhi will be speechles. Sai tells Samrat we were drinking green tea as my readmission letter got accepted. Pakhi taunts Sai that were you drinking tea or celebrating but she changes her tone on watching Samrat and tells it is a good news so she should be celebrating. Sai tells Samrat to join them and all four of us can celebrate by drinking tea. Samrat says Pakhi loves green tea and it would be like a double date.

In the upcoming episode Bhavani scold Virat and Sai and questions them what they were doing in public. Pakhi taunts them and tells they were trying to fulfil Bhavani’s wish of giving her a baby. Sai tells Pakhi if she can call Virat to coffee shop and cry on his shoulders what is wrong if Sai was hugging her husband?

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