Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Will Ninad supports Sai’s decision?

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Star Plus popular daily soap Ghum Hai kise Key Pyaar Meiin, is going for a dramatic turn of events. Sai determines to divorce Virat for his betterment, while he becomes shocked after learning about it. Will Sai and Virat gets separated or will Shruti reveal the truth to clear their misunderstandings?

In the earlier episode, Pakhi taunts Sai about Virat choosing Shruti over her. Samrat scolds his wife for misbehaving with Sai, while they both gets into an argument. Whereas, Bhavani rebukes Sai for ruining their reputation due to her and Virat’s separation. Ashwini stops everyone and gets emotional on seeing Sai. She also apologises to her for Virat’s betrayal and says that he will soon realise that he is incomplete without her.

Here, Sai reveals that she have invited Virat also as she wants to take divorce from him. Everyone gets shocked hearing about her decision, while Ninad denies to let Virat inside his house.

Sai convinces him and he finally agrees because of her and shows his support towards her decision. Bhavani again scolds Sai for thinking about divorce, while Samrat warns her that it will end their relationship forever.

Ahead, Sai declares that she wanted to free Virat from their unwanted relationship. Pakhi questions her that if she also wanted to marry someone else? To which Samrat gets furious at her and ask to keep quite. Ashwini breakdown learning about Virat and Sai’s divorce and remembers all their happy moments.

Ninad tries to calm Ashwini, while she tells that because of Sai only they are together. She counts that Sai have done so much for their house. Meanwhile, Sai brings the assistant of her lawyer and ask her to wait for a while.

Further, Bhavani blames Ashwini for ruining Sai and Virat’s relationship. Whereas, Shivani shows her support towards Sai, while latter determines to focus of her career. At that time Virat comes there and gets flashes of his moments with Sai after seeing her.

Now in the upcoming episode, Virat will get inside Chavan Niwas and confronts Sai asking that why she called him? She will give him divorce papers with a pen and ask to sign it with mutual consent. He will get shocked learning about the divorce and looks at her, while everyone keeps staring at them.

Will Virta agrees to divorce Sai?
Will Shruti reveal about her truth?
Will Virat be able to get his job back?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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