Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Will Pakhi gets arrested?

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Star Plus show Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin is one of the most loved shows on Indian television. Right from the time of its inception, the show has been entertaining the masses. Previously, Pakhi tried to suicide but Virat and Sai saved her life. She started her emotional drama, while Bhavani decided to give Vinayak to Pakhi. Sai gets shocked hearing their decision and tried to stop them, but Virat snatched the baby from her and handovered to Pakhi.


In the current track, Sai gets shattered by Virat’s decision but gives an open warning to Pakhi. Sai determines to expose the latter in front of everyone. Virat tries to make her understand, but she gives him a silent treatment. She ignores him while he gets worried about her.

Here, Pakhi looks after Vinayak and keeps him with herself. Sai instructs her to keep the baby safe and suggest her to make him wear sweaters, but Pakhi ask Sai not to interfere in their life. Sai gives a befitting reply to Pakhi and takes the baby to make him wear woollen clothes.

Sai also ask Pakhi to be aware she determines to expose all her crimes in front of Chavans. Whereas, Bhavani gets elated seeing the peace in their house and enjoys her time with Vinayak. Whereas, Sai brings the police and ask them to arrest Pakhi.

Ahead, Chavans gets shocked and confronts Sai about filing a complaint against Pakhi. The latter notify them about the crimes of Pakhi and tells how she manipulated Geeta and even injured her to become the surrogate.

The police takes a stand for Sai and apprises about the statement given by goons against Pakhi, while everyone gets dumbstruck. They rebukes Pakhi and ask her for the reason, to which she replies that she have done it to get Virat.

Later, Mansi along with others gets furious at Pakhi but Bhavani denies to send her to jail, in order to avoid backlash of their family. Virat goes against Bhavani and declares that Pakhi deserves to go to the jail. He along with Sai ask the police to take Pakhi to the jail, while she cries and request not to separate her from Vinayak but Shivani snatches the baby from her.

Now in the upcoming episode, Chavans will searche for Sai but couldn’t able to find her. They all will get worried and states that she isn’t anywhere inside the house. Ashwini will tell that even the baby is missing.

At that time Mohit will come there and notify that someone has seen Sai along with the baby going inside the bus. Whereas, at that time Virat will get a call that the bus had an accident. He will get shocked and worries about Sai.

Will Sai forgive Virat?

Will Pakhi get arrested?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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