Ghum Hain Kisike Pyaar Mein: Sai to play it smart!

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Star Plus’s popular show Ghum Hain Kisike Pyaar mein is gaining TRPs. With Virat already realised his love for Sai. Here, Sai, though angry on Virat yet she feels incomplete and misses Virat. With Pulkit making Sai understand how it’s so cleat they both like each other, will Sai realise? The main turning point comes when Virat goes for the dangerous mission. Sai can’t stop worrying for Virat. Virat can also not stop thinking about Sai. How will things turn out? Will they patch things up? The viewers are waiting to know when the reunion of the couple would happen!

In the current track, Mohit texts Sai that Virat is in a dangerous mission. Sai says she doesn’t care and eats her food but then she cries and feels worried. Pulkti says see you are worried, why don’t you accept that you have feelings for him. Sai goes back to hostel and sees the news and worries for Virat and feels guilty. Here, Ashwini stops Pakhi from calling Virat and taunts her. Ashwini tells Pakhi to not come in between Virat and Sai. Here, Sai is worried and her room mate tries to calm her down saying it’s a dutyof police officer so not to worry. Here, Virat sees his friend is about to get shot, he remembers how Sai’s father took the bullet to save him. Virat saves his friend the sameway. Sai sees that one polive officer is injured. She calls Virat but his phone is switched off. Sai hears that Virat is injured. She calls another officer, she gets to know that Virat is admitted in the City hospital. Here, Pakhi gets a call that Virat is asking for Sai. Pakhi says she is not here but we are his family, where can we come? They all go to the hospital. Pakhi is asked hy Ashwini to go from there. Bhawani praises Pakhi as compared to Sai. Ninad stops Mohit from calling Sai. Sai reaches the hospital and is stopped by Pakhi. Pakhi says she lost the right to be here. Sai taunts back Pakhi. Sai says wife always has the right and let Virat decide who should stay with him. Pulkit and Mohit support Sai on meeting Virat once before leaving. Sai meets Virat and apologies to an unconscious Virat. Sai taunts Pakhi that now she can go to her not husband and pretend as if she is his wife as she is that desperate. Sai leaves. Pakhi stays with Virat the whole night, Sai and Devyaani worry for Virat. Next day, when Pakhi has gone to fill some form, Sai sneaks into the room of Virat.

In the upcoming episodes, Pakhi will be shocked to see Virat holding Sai’s hand. Pakhi will ask Sai to leave. Sai will say if Virat asks her to leave only then she will.

What is in store for Sai? Will Pakhi play a dirty game? How will Virat cope up? Will Sai and Virat meet Is this the end of Pakhi and Virat’s story? What will this dangerous mission of Virat lead to? Keep following this space for more information on your favourite shows.