Ginni and Aditya’s love story starts to bloom, fans can’t enough of GITYA romance

Channa Mereya is giving audience a chance to rejoice a romantic love story of GITYA.

Beyond dreams never fails to bring out the best chemistry between the leads with their storytelling. Ginni and Aditya is becoming everyone’s favorite.

Last we reported about Ginni getting intoxicated. Aditya and Ginni rain romance was treat to eyes.

Now the show recently witnessed Ginni getting shot while saving Aditya. Aditya managed to save Ginni. He is slowly getting positively affected by Ginni’s goodness. Time is not far when both will realize their love for each other. Aditya has started to bring a change in himself. Ginni is already a sorted person. Their love story will surely leave fans ‘aww’.

Last GITYA moment at the hospital melted ‘Channa Mereya’ fans out there. See:

This soft and caring side of Aditya for Ginni is a treat to watch #KaranWahi l #niyatifatnani #ChannaMereya l #GiTya

#ChannaMereya no kissing, no hugging, no physical intimacy ..but they give electric – eccentric vibes.. WHAT A Chemistry-(physics-biology etc….etc. ) yaar …. between you both..



#gitya #karanwahi #niyatifatani

Adi is such a baby at heart, he didn’t leave Ginni’s hand for a second & the fear of losing her was evident even though he had no idea what was he doing today. #ChannaMereya #KaranWahi

Fans enjoying Aditya’s care and concern for Ginni.

In the upcoming episode, Aditya and Ginni will come closer. Ginni will struggle to get ready. Aditya will help injured Ginni. Fans can’t wait more for future episode. How Ginni and Aditya confesses love for each other will be interesting to watch.

Actor Karan Wahi and Niyati Fatnani’s screen presence as Ginni and Aditya is beyond words. Both are well complementing each other. There is no doubt the talented actors will make Ginni and Aditya one of the iconic on-screen couple with their hard work.

Share with us what is attracting you about Ginni and Aditya. Comment box is all yours.

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