Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon looks like a sight to behold in new teasers for ‘Can’t Control Myself’

On January 13, Taeyeon released an additional teaser photos for her pre-release single “Can’t Control Myself”. In the photos, one can seen her wearing a simple, black turtleneck dress with giving a mesmerizinggaze under a golden light, bringing forth a romantic, yet mysterious, mood.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon’s pre-release single “Can’t Control Myself” will be released through various music platforms on January 17 at 6PM KST. This new track is a ballad style pop punk genre in which Taeyeon participated in writing the lyrics. Taeyeon’s music video will be available as a 30-second screen advertising at various locations nationwide including theaters, billboards and more for about a month from January 18th.

The song is a sad story of a dangerous love that has lost control, who still longs for the other person’s heart even though he has an intuition that he will be hurt and hurt. In addition, this music video contains the beauty of a movie like a dramatic story and dynamic direction in harmony with the atmosphere of the new song.

The “killing parts” of K-Pop songs — the parts that tend to stand out among the rest, and easily get stuck in your head — are an iconic part of the music genre. Oftentimes when this part of a song plays, it can be impossible not to sing along with it!