Glad to see Sumbul is coming out of her shell

By Anil Merani| Good to see Sumbul Touqueer Khan finally standing up for herself. Her decision to support Sajid Khan over Tina Datta in a recent ration task has not gone well with Shalin Bhanot.

But this is a game, how long she can remain hedged to one group.

I hope she continues to be vocal as she was with Shalin last night. Her hurt was visible when he just gave her one rose. If Shalin can justify her independent actions by saying the task was against her, then Sumbul can do the same.
Bigg Boss is an individual game, and what right has Tina got to berate Sumbul when she is unsure about her equation with Shalin?

It is risky for Sumbul to rely only on one person, where now things are unravelling.

She was spot on when she told Shalin off for his rude talk(regarding Tina) . Tina does not need Shalin’s support to deal with anyone.
Yet Tina did stand up for Sumbul against Archana. I guess life is not entirely black or white, and you do need to make a call, and you can alway please everyone.

I am glad that Sumbul is coming out of her shell, for her vast voting base was not too pleased with her playing second fiddle to Shalin.