Gokulathil Seethai 22nd June 2021 Written Update: Jaipal and Kumararaj threatens Vasunthara

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The episode starts with Vasunthara speaking with Jaipal like Meenatchi. She asks If They have shifted Vasu’s parents. They say not yet and says they are still in her Grandma’s house in red hills. She cuts the call saying that she will speak with Ilamaran. Vasu says the same to Uthaman and they both leave to the place. Vasu and Uthaman reach the place. They found it locked and Vasu asks him to open somehow. He breaks open the door and they both search Vasu’s parents. The kidnappers are keeping hold of them. They both start searching inside. Vasu goes upstairs and Uthaman follows her. They both search separately. Vasu finds the place that she spotted in video call. The kidnappers are playing hide and seek with Vasu keeping her parents as hostage. She misses them after coming close. Uthaman says that he couldn’t find them anywhere. They both wonder what to do.

Uthaman and Vasu wonders why did they lie that they have kept her parents there. Vasu is sure that Meenatchi is involved in it. Uthaman suggests to inform Suchitra so that she can use her influence. Vasu says that Meenatchi is her daughter in law and she don’t want to trouble her as they already have misunderstanding due to her. The kidnappers call her and scolds her for her detective move against them and coming very close to them. They threaten her to get sign in a day else they would kill her parents. Uthaman predicts that they were there only but they missed them. He wonders what to do when Vasu asks him to leave as she needs sometime to sort out her mind. Vasu wonders why all this is happening in her happy life.

Vasu recalls about the divine stone which killed the grandma spirit. She wondered if its all because of this and is about to throw it away but then stops herself as it’s a divine stone and keeps it back. Vasu decides to inform Arjun having no option. She rushes to Arjun and says about her parents kidnap. Arjun gets shocked and asks when it happened and who kidnapped her. Vasu narrates whatever happened and says they need his sign in order to spare her parents. Arjun scolds her why didn’t she inform him earlier. Vasu says she got scared as they threatened to kill her parents if she reveals it to anyone. She pleads him to save her parents somehow and cries. Arjun thinks about all that Vasunthara did for him and his family and takes a decision. He says Vasu that he’s ready to give the brand name to their company. Vasu gets shocked hearing his decision and is against it as they will lose their name if it happens. Arjun says her parents lives are more important and that he can create new name. He finally manage to convince her.

At night, Arjun goes to Sumitra’s room and finds her sleeping. He says to a sleeping Sumitra that he never took any decision without consulting with her and so he came there. He apologizes for the step he’s about to take and says that he’s going to sell the brand name for Vasunthara. He says that Vasunthara did so much for him and their family and he couldn’t see her crying. He takes her permission for the same. Meenatchi hears it from outside and gets happy. She is astonished with Arjun’s care for Vasu. She swears to ruin them completely. Next day, Arjun comes with Anand to registrar office. He said whatever happened and also about his decision. Anand says it’s common in business but the step he’s about to take is dangerous. He convinces him to file Police complaint and takes him with him. They both leave and Vasu comes there after sometime. She soon gets a call.