Gokulathil Seethai: Suchitra appreciates Vasu

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Zee Tamil Popular comedy-drama Gokulathil Seethai never failed to entertain the audience with its funny twists and turns. Earlier it’s seen that Mangalam tested Iniya and found out that Arjun loves Vasu and not Iniya. Now it will be seen that Mangalam will find that Vasu is the right match for Arjun and will have hidden feelings for him. Suchitra plans to change Arjun’s mind.

In the previous episode, Suchitra told Arjun to invest the share in the Ketan company. As per Vasu’s wish, Arjun invested the share in Rose company. Inya and Gandhimathi revealed the truth to Suchitra.
Suchitra berates Vasu. Vasu got fever due to Suchitra’s scold. Arjun visits Vasu’s home. He prepares fruits to juice for ailing Vasu. Ellaram and Arjun take care of ailing Vasu. They torture Vasu. Vasu avoids them. Vasu’s father deliberately sends them to bring a false root. Hari deliberately sends them to bring a false root.

In today’s episode, Arjun and Ellamaran develop a fever to show their love. Arjun dreams of dancing with Vasu. Ellamaran and Arjun pretend before Vasu. Arjun got a fever. Vasu cares for unwell Arjun. The next day, Arjun watches the shares market news. He is happy when the Rose company valve is raised. He exults and shares it with Suchitra. Suchitra appreciates Vasu. Inya and Gandhimathi feel jealous. Suchitra gives work to Vasu. She instructs her to do it independently. Vasu agreed. Gandhimthi and Inya think of an idea to tarnish Vasu’s name.

Will Vasu apologize to Suchitra? What will Suschitra decide? Will Arjun confess his feelings to Vasu?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what will happen next in your favorite show Gokulathil Seethai, stay tuned to this space.