Gokulathil Seethai: Sumitra and Iniya plan to send Vasu out of the house.

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Zee Tamizh Popular comedy drama Gokulathil Seethai never failed to entertain audience with its funny twists and turns. Earlier it’s seen that, Arjun slapped Iniya for badmouthing Vasu while Sumitra was unhappy Arjun’s love for Vasu.

Previously we have seen that, Arjun happily celebrated Vasu coming back home while Iniya and Paati fumed. Sumitra had mixed emotions regarding the same. Iniya got furious and confronted Vasu for returning despite acting all great. They both will had a heated argument when Arjun interfered. Arjun tried to control Iniya but she  badmouthed Vasu and asked her to leave the house. Arjun slapped Iniya in anger shocking Iniya and Vasu. Iniya left while Vasu  asked Arjun to apologize to Iniya. Sumitra was unhappy regarding Arjun’s decision to love Vasu while Arjun romanced with Vasu during office time.

In the future episodes we will witness, Arjun will take iniya and Vasu for lunch despite Iniya’s refusal. Vasu will try to avoid it but Arjun will convince her. At restaurant, Arjun will only keep taking care of Vasu ignoring Iniya completely. Iniya will be very much irked over this and will call Ilamaran to the same place. Both Arjun and Ilamaran will fight for Vasu’s attention while Vasu will get frustrated. Vasu will leave unable to handle their trouble while Iniya will fume. She will complaint to Sumitra regarding the same and will ask her to throw Vasu out of the house. Sumitra will say that Vasu is very important person in the house and will come up with a plan to send her to new banglow. She will share it with Arjun.

Will Arjun confess his feelings for Vasu? Will Sumitra accept Vasu and cancel Arjun’s marriage with Iniya?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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