Gokulathil Seethai: Vasu reveals the truth to Meenakashi

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Zee Tamizh Popular comedy-drama Gokulathil Seethai never failed to entertain the audience with its funny twists and turns. Earlier we saw that Vasu married Arjun. He avoided Vasu. Arjun and Suchitra disown Vasu. Arjun decides to divorce Vasu. Vasu signed in the divorce paper. Now the viewers will see, Vasu will irritate Arjun.

In the previous episode, Uthman tried to pacify Prabu and Nakashtra. Arjun felt relieved after learning the truth that Vasu is not pregnant. Vasu tried to catch Ranjith when he confessed to Prabu about killing Inya. Vasu met Anand and divulged the truth. Arjun’s friend advised Arjun to divorce Vasu. Arjun showed Vasu’s test report to Suchitra. Suchitra felt overwhelmed with Arjun’s decision.

In today’s episode, Vasu is heartbroken with Arjun’s decision. She asks Arjun to think for a while. Arjun is happy when Vasu signed in the divorce paper. Vasu is upset with Arjun’s stren decision. Vasu informs Meenakashi about Ranjith’s crime. Meenakshi feels overwhelmed with Vasu’s truth. Arjun is looking for Vasu in his room. Vasu refuses to sleep on the floor when Arjun divorce Vasu. The next day, Gandhimathi spots Vasu sleeping beside Arjun and informs Suchitra about it. Arjun tries to stop Gandhimathi but in vain. Vasu’s action annoys Arjun. Prabu is waiting for Vasu. Nakashtra fumes with anger. As usual, Uthaman pacifies them. Vasu stops Nakashtra from arguing with Prabu.

In the upcoming episode, Vasu will irritate Arjun. Arjun will annoy with Vasu’s action. How will Vasu comfort Nakashtra? Will Vasu catch Ranjith? Will Vasu inform the Police? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what will happen next in your favorite show Gokulathil Seethai, stay tuned to this.