Gokulathil Seethai: Vasu seeks Prabu’s help

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Zee Tamizh Popular comedy-drama Gokulathil Seethai never failed to entertain the audience with its funny twists and turns. Earlier we saw that Vasu married Arjun. He avoided Vasu. Arjun and Suchitra disown Vasu. Suchitra planned to do marriage for Nakashtra and Arjun. Suchitra and her family believed Meenakshi’s lie. Now the viewers will see, Arjun taking Vasu to the hospital.

In the previous episode, Gandhimathi overheard Arjun and Suchitra’s conversation. Suchitra advised Arjun to avoid Vasu. Arjun was shocked to see Vasu in his bed. Prabu got Arjun’s address to learn the truth about Ranjith. Gandhimathi questioned Meenakshi when Vasu vomits. Gandhimathi told Arjun to find the truth about Vasu’s pregnancy.

In today’s episode, Gandhimathi watches Arjun when he tries to learn the truth about Vasu’s pregnancy. Prabu visits Vasu’s house. Vasu seeks Prabu’s help as she talks about Ranjith. Prabu asks for a job Vasu. Vasu agrees. Arjun fears seeing a lizard and clutches on to Vasu. Vasu thanks the lizard. Arjun tries to remember the past. Arjun speaks lovingly to Vasu and tells her to come to the doctor. Vasu is overwhelmed when Arjun speaks lovingly. Nakashtra is on the way to the office. She rushes the driver to go fast. Puddles of water splashed on Prabhu and he breaks Nakashtra’s car window.

In the upcoming episode, Arjun will notice Vasu’s changed behavior. Arjun will scared when Vasu vomits often. Gandhimathi will notice Vasu’s behavior. Arjun will tend to Vasu. He will take her to the hospital to find the truth. Will Prabu meet Vasu? When will Vasu notice the photo? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what will happen next in your favorite show Gokulathil Seethai, stay tuned to this.