Gruha Laxmi 11th November 2020 Written Update: Madhavi lashes out Nandu

Gruha Laxmi 11th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nandu remiscience Lasya words and feels sad, Lucky comes to him and says Divya akka told me Tulasi aunty got fever and she is not alright! Divya akka feeling very low and crying for Tulasi aunty, we both prayed for God for Tulasi aunty health.

Lasya gets angry by listening to lucky words and scolds Divya and says to behave as she like don’t when she is leaving with her, don’t take your mother name in this house, if you want to shower love on your Mom be with her only don’t leave here in this house, Remember you are the one who called me and ask me to take you here in this house from your house I not forced you to leave with me in this house. Nandu says stop it Lasya you are making it big issue out of small one. Lasya says I am not unnecessary issue instead Divya creating it, she changed a lot, she is not like before and remember when you are living in my world, you have to leave according to my conditions.

Divya says Dad Lasya aunty changed a lot, she don’t love me like before instead she hate me now dad, Mom already people will never like before once you start leaving with them, there true intentions towards you, you can see and you have to adjust there Divya and should behave according to them. Lasya taunts ohh if your Mom told you everything before why you come here? I did everything to make you happy but you! Divya says Dad Lasya aunty don’t care about anyone nor she have patience like Mom, I want to see Mom please take me near for once after that I will not ask you anything dad please and starts crying. Nandu say ok and starts to hospital to see Tulasi.

Nandu and Divya reaches Hospital and clears due amount (bill), Divya says you are paying this bill by taking loan right Dad! You are not so much for us dad. Nandu says it’s my responsibility dear to provide good education and settle their future, I am doing that only Divya but I can’t helpful to your mother in anyway now she don’t need my money want to stand on her own legs, so I am just paying which is least thing I can do for her. Nandu’s father says Tulasi don’t ever think you are alone after this divorce your father still alive and take care of you. Tulasi says I know dad but I got tried of this life and I want to leave far from all of you on my own legs start a new life.

Nandu’s father says don’t say like Tulasi we need you and you are going to leave with me only as my daughter in my house, Tulasi says no dad I don’t want to hurdle in anyone life once Nandy and Lasya gets married your family is complete and I have no space in that family. Nandu’s father says don’t say like that dear one day will come Nandu and Divya will realise there mistakes and asks sorry for you.

Tulasi says I don’t need any one sorry or want any relation like before Dad after seeing Divya hearted towards me my heart became stone at the same time I can’t hate anyone so I want to start my new life on my own legs. Nandu’s father says ok dear as you wish but I write my whole property on your name, Tulasi denies it and requests him to not do like that because she wants to lead her life with self-respect so she can’t accept this property or anything.

Prem thanks Madhavi for arranging money to pay bill. Madhavi says don’t say thanks Prem, we( madhavi and Madhav ) love Tulasi and always there for her when she needed and this bill is nothing, don’t say we did something big, come let’s go and clear the bill.

Receptionist informs bill is already paid by her husband Mr NadhaGopal. Prem scolds how can you accept money from him, receptionist informs that’s not our mistake sir you have not informed about it before. Prem says ok you return his amount and accept our money, receptionist says sir it’s a long procedure it takes long time, Mr NadhaGopal is here why can’t you settle with him directly.

Madhavi and Prem stops Divya and Nandu entering ICU! Madhavi lashes Nandu by what relation you paid the bill? Nandu says she is my wife and just by taking divorce, she is not going to become nothing to me, I still care for her so I paid this bill nothing wrong I did. Nandu’s father scolds him and asks him to take his amount back.

Divya says why you all are behaving like this with dad why can’t you all understand him? Relations are not going to break if we are staying seperately from each other and I don’t know people change this much in few days. Nandu’s father taunts Divya we have not changed Divya you changed and forgotten Tulasi is Mom and insulted her very badly when she came to party with love and Tulasi is here today in this condition because of Divya.

Precap: Mohan comes to Lasya home, make fun of Lasya and Nandu relationship in front of society people.