Gruha Laxmi 24th October 2020 Written Update: Tulasi shares her pain with Prem and Prem encourage Tulasi

Gruha Laxmi 24th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulasi shares Prem mischiefs done by him during childhood and he feeds Tulasi with love(Song plays in background). Tulasi feels sad and says to Prem I have never imagined a day like this will one day that Nandu and Divya leave me go far away from me. Tulasi says Nandu is Nandu never like this he used to love and family so much, he still loves me and care his children, respect his family but he can’t able express it, Prem says don’t feel bad one day they will understand your love and care towards them Mom.

Tulasi says Prem I don’t know why I am feeling like that a day will not come and I have to leave Anand Nilayam (house) soon, Anjali said to leave me with her in her flat and I said ok. Prem there is still time for that Mom till you get divorce you are going to stay with us only, you promised us.

Tulasi gets ready for attending court and calls Prem and says shall we go, he says ok Mom. Tulasi says uncle we are going! Nandu’s father asks at least you again Tulasi about divorce. Tulasi say’s what should I think uncle ask for some more time or I don’t want divorce like this, decision is already taken by him(Nandu) and will not take his decision back. So why to wait when we know nothing going to change. Abhi says grandpa dad always think about family only how he should take care of his children and how to built our career only and now he found his happiness and love let him be happy grandpa, please think from his side also grandpa.

Madhav says you are thinking about your dad happiness only! Then what about pain of your Mom why can’t you think from her side too Abhi. Iam not saying like that I am just saying everyone have right to take there own decisions and we should interfere in their personal matters. Tulasi says nothing going to change anything by this discussion then why we are doing all this. Ankita says no one is happy with what is going on in this house but we can’t able do anything for you, if divorce happen to you and uncle please come to USA with us aunty since me and Abhi going to settle there only in future. Tulasi says we will think about it later. Madhav says we are getting late shall we start to court Tulasi and leaves from there.

Lasya says Nandu and me going out, in kitchen bread omlet is eat there have it and take care of Lucky. Divya says I ate bread and I don’t want to eat it. Lasya says I prepared what I know . Divya says how can I eat it aunty when I don’t like it, Mom never did like this, she always prepare food which I like only. Divya says that is there not here you have to adjust. Divya asks where are going? Lasya says your Mom and Dad getting divorce right so going to court to sign on divorce papers.

Divya says my Mom and Dad getting divorce so he should go near lawyer to sign but why are going aunty? Lasya to take care of your dad since he recovered completely. Lucky comes near Nandu and says to give paper to Tulasi, Nandu says ok I will give it, give it to me. Lucky gives paper to Nandu ( Miss you Tulasi Aunty) written on it, Lasya sees this and scolds lucky. Nandu says you are doing Lasya. Divya asks what is this why Tulasi aunty behaving like this Mom will never do like this. Nandu says you are correct Divya, Tulasi will never behave like this.

Tulasi reminiscences beautiful and bad memories she spent with Nandu(Sad version of title song plays in background). Prem asks Mom is everything good are you feeling good? You always says we should do everything according to our heart we should never go against of it, you always says like that but why are you going against your hear Mom. Tulasi says some time we have to go against our heart also Prem if we want to reach our goal and now I am doing that only Prem.

Precap : lawyer asks Nandu and Tulasi did you both want divorce only? Is this your final decision? Tulasi and Nandu says yes and sings on divorce papers.