Gud Se Meetha Ishq 13th May 2022 Written Update: Satyakam vows to help out Kajal

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 13th May 2022 Written Update.on

Episode begins with Kajal crying with her mother that she can not leave her hope to talk to Neil, just because the phone is not working I can not let go of the hope of talking to Neil. Her mother says there is no hope anymore, Satyakam promised Kajal that he will help her out in any way possible. They went out and Satyakam lashes out at Phool and his men and says whatever you all are doing is extremely wrong and unethical and I will not let it happen at any cost. He says this is called forceful marriage and this is wrong and I will not let it happen at any cost.

Phool Singh says you are elder to me and whatever Kajal did is wrong and girls are like bathing soap so if you don’t hold them tight then they will slip from your hand. On the other hand in Delhi, Neil is trying all sorts of trousers to recall the number of Kajal and in that effort he called many people wrongly too. The villagers also give their full support to Phool and say to Satya come that you have done so much for the development of our village but as of now whatever is happening let it happen because it is the question of the dignity of our village and we will not let anyone come in between it. They all come there with weapons and sticks and Ija says to Satyakam that he needs to leave keeping the situation in mind.

Satyakam left from the place, understanding the situation is not in his control and also he will not be able to do anything alone. However before going out he told Phool that the challenge he throws towards him by trying to support him with the help of the villagers, he is going to pay for it as he will show him what he can do and he will not let this marriage happen at any cost. Kajal is sitting with her mobile phone in hand and is waiting for the call from Neil and her mother says she should stop waiting for his call as it will never come. Kajal says I am not waiting but I have full confidence that Neil will come at any cost.

Satyakam called Neil after sometime while going back to home, he told everything to him from video to the current situation and also how much Kajal has to suffer due to all this. Neil is shocked to see the video which Satyakam sent on his mobile. He understood what was going on and said I am coming for you Kajal and he immediately got ready to leave for Uttarakhand and informed his grandmother that I have urgent work but make sure you will manage my father in my absence. Bhoomi listened to the entire thing and she gets confused that what happened all of a sudden that Neil has to go to Uttarakhand. Kajal is unwillingly sitting for her roka ceremony where Phool is looking at her creepily and Neil on the other hand drives the car in full speed to reach the venue.

Precap – Kajal sits for marriage while Neil reaches Uttarakhand and some goons are stopping him from coming.

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