Gud Se Meetha Ishq 13th September 2022 Written Update: Kajal’s gift for Neel

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 13th September 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Kajal tells Pavitra that she is doing it for Neel so she can’t take money from her. Bhoomi arrives there. She pretends to be unaware. Pavitra tells her whatever happened. She and Bhoomi try to convince Kajal to take money from Pavitra. Kajal gets convinced. She puts forth a condition that Pavitra has to keep her ring mortgaged till Kajal doesn’t return her money. Pavitra takes the ring and gives money to her. Dev requests Pari to let him go to Noor.

Pari blocks his path and says that she won’t let him go anywhere. Dev says that he is both Pari’s husband and Noor’s father. Pari calls Dev liar as he called her and Noor same. She hugs Dev tight and says that Noor will snatch him from her. Dev says it’s complicated, he can’t make her understand it easily. She asks how can Noor be Dev’s daughter when Dev is Pari’s husband. Dev gets speechless. Nimrit tells Noor that she will make everything fine. She scolds Chandni and blames her and Dev for Noor’s condition. She says that after Dev and Chandni’s divorce Chandni got her money and Dev married Pari, none cared about Noor.

Nimrit asks Noor to forget Dev as Pari won’t let him come to her. Neel becomes happy seeing his new camera. Kajal asks if he liked it. Neel asks why Kajal bought it. Kajal says so that Neel can take good pictures. She comes closer to him. Neel hesitates. Kajal asks him to accept it as her apology as she made him upset earlier. Bhoomi asks Pavitra what she is trying to do by helping Kajal as the gift will bring Neel, Kajal closer.

Pavitra says that it’s important for Neel and Kajal to come closer to part ways finally. She says that her money will become the reason of Neel and Kajal’s separation. Kajal tries to lighten up Neel’s mood. Neel asks Kajal why she is so different as she is saying sorry when the mistake was made by him. Neel talks about the night when he was not there in the room. He asks Kajal if she doesn’t doubt him. Kajal says that she trusts Neel more than herself.

Neel closes the door and asks Kajal why she trusts him so much. He asks her to fight with him so that he can come out of his guilt. He says that he is suffering as he can’t hide the truth from her anymore. He says that he spent night with Pavitra and according to Pavitra they crossed all limits. Dev wishes to go to Noor. Pari starts crying. He requests her to understand him. Pari calls him bad man. Dev says that he has to handle Noor as he is her father. He leaves.

Nimrit tells Noor that Dev doesn’t care about her. Dev comes there. He says that he will make things better for Noor. Noor says that Dev is doing dramma. She asks him to not come to her school. She asks Dev to not do anything as he is a wrong father. She says that she hates him. She leaves with Chandni. Nimrit tells Dev that both Pari and Noor are kids, time will heal everything. The episode ends.

Precap – Kajal asks Neel what happened between him and Pavitra. Neel says that according to Pavitra they crossed limits. Pari asks Dev to not meet Chandni and Noor.

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