Gud Se Meetha Ishq 14th July 2022 Written Update: Bhoomi and Pavithra search for Kaju and Neel.

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 14th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pari discussing with her mother about her fiancee Mathur. Her mother advises her to be good with her in laws. Pari expresses her liking towards Mathur. Her mother instructs her to not call him by name as they don’t take husband’s name in their family. Pari says that Kaju calls Neel as Neel ji and why can’t she call Mathur as Mathur ji.

Her mother asks her not to take their name like a couple as they are not married. Pari denies and says that Kaju wore sindoor just like her and she recalls seeing Kaju wearing sindoor hiding with her dupatta. Her mother gets shocked hearing it and wonders whether Kaju is really hiding it using her dupatta. She gets scared and asks Pari if she told about it to anybody else. Pari says no. Her mother asks her to keep it a secret from others and Pari agrees.

Bhoomi and Pavithra were searching for Neel and Kaju. Inspector passes by in a bike and they request help from him to find Neel and Kaju who were lost in jungle. They show their picture to Inspector. Inspector says that few village people said that they found some couple entering the jungle and says the exact dress wore by Neel and Kaju. They plead him to join them in finding them but Inspector says it’s not possible as its a very dangerous jungle.

They worry what to do. Neel and Kaju took shelter at a place and they both spends some quality time together. They both gives towel to each other to get changed to and recalls a past incident. Kaju wonders how to get changed as she don’t have a place to hide and Neel suggests to turn around. He asks her to change facing the other side while he would be facing the opposite side. Kaju is hesitant but agrees having no option.

Neel’s family or worried about Neel but is also sure that Neel could survive as he has experience in all this. His father says he’s only worried about Kaju who’s sticking to Neel and is worried that she would try to make use of the situation. Kaju and Neel got changed and Neel searches for blanket to keep themselves warm. Kaju just then notices her sindoor on mirror and immediately hides it with her dupatta from Neel before he could notice it.

Neel finds the blanket and covers Kaju and himself with it. Neel’s mother also badmouths Kaju who’s making use if Neel’s innocence. Neel’s father agrees with her. They both complaint about Kaju to Pari’s father. Neel’s father couldn’t wait anymore to fix Neel’s alliance with Pavithra and his wife asks him to contact her parents for the same.

Neel and Kaju spends quality time together in single blanket. Kaju falls off sleeping while chatting. Neel admires her. He too sleeps keeping his head on her head. Pavithra and Bhoomi reaches the place where Kaju and Neel are taking shelter. Kaju just then wakes up and adjusts Neel’s blanket. Pavithra enters just then and misunderstands her position. She shouts her name and gives Kajal gets terrified.

Precap : Pavithra looks at Neel and Kaju’s changed clothes and questions Neel about it as there’s no changing room there. Neel says nothing happened between them and they are just friends. Pavithra asks him to separate from Kaju if he’s saying the truth. Kaju cries hearing it.

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