Gud Se Meetha Ishq 14th September 2022 Written Update: Pari’s request to Dev

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 14th September 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Kajal asks Neel what he thinks about the incident. She slaps him and says sorry. Neel asks her to slap him more as he deserves it. Neel says that he spent whole night on Pavitra’s bed. Kajal asks whatelse happened. Neel says that he doesn’t know anything but according to Pavitra they crossed all limits. Neel says that he believes that nothing happened like Pavitra said. Neel asks Kajal why she is silent and not lashing out at him. He asks her to hit him.

Kajal says no. Neel, Kajal, Dev, Pari all are in pain. Neel, Dev take care of Kajal and Pari. Neel blabbers and apologies to Kajal in sleep. He shouts and wakes up. He spots tea and Kajal infront of him. He says that he was dreaming, Kajal says that she was watching him. She asks him to have tea. Neel asks Kajal why she is not reacting and requests her to break her silence. Kajal says that she has firm belief that nothing happened between him and Pavitra. She says that both Neel and Pavitra has different opinions about the incident and she has more faith in whatever Neel believes.

Neel asks Kajal how she can trust him so much. Kajal says that she trusts Neel’s heart. Kajal says that Neel married her long ago but he never touched her or took advantage of his rights. She says that she believes that Neel can’t do anything wrong with Pavitra as he doesn’t even love her. Neel and Kajal share a hug. She says that Neel loves her whole heartedly. Pari creates a mess in kitchen. Nimrit asks her why she is making tea instead of Bhuli. Pari says that she is making tea for Dev as he is upset with her. Nimrit stops her from making tea.

Dev comes there and asks what’s happening. Pari says that she is making tea for Dev. Dev says that he doesn’t want tea. Pari’s dupatta catches fire. Pari screams. Dev tries to stop the fire using his hands. Pari hugs Dev. Dev tells Pari that he is not upset with her. Pari blows on Dev’s burn. Dev asks her to promise that she will take care of herself hereafter. Neel thanks Kajal for removing his tension. He says that he knows Pavitra was lying but he could not defend himself as he doesn’t remember anything about that night.

Neel says that Pavitra wanted to create rift between him and Kajal. He says that he made a mistake by trusting Pavitra. He says that he will ask Pavitra to leave Khurana house. Kajal stops Neel and says that they will let Pavitra stay at their place. Pari requests Dev to not meet Chandni and Noor ever. Kajal says Neel that now they know her truth and she can do the same she is doing now from outside too. She says that it will not look nice if they ask Pavitra to leave.

Kajal says that she brought Pavita home knowing everything. She says that she feels jealous seeing Neel with Pavitra but she controls her emotions. Pari tells Dev that there won’t be any problem between them if Dev doesn’t meet Chandni and Noor. Pari complains that Dev doesn’t give her time now. The episode ends.

Precap – Pari asks Dev to return early in evening as it’s Dhruv’s birthday. Dev asks her to stay happy like this always as she looks good. Chandni mocks Dev and says that she can’t let Noor become friends with mad Pari. Dev says that Pari is not mad but Chandni is mannerless. Noor informs Nimrit that her parents are fighting. Nimrit asks her to call police. Police arrive.

In today’s episode, Kajal tells Pavitra that she is doing it for Neel so she can’t take money from her. Bhoomi arrives there. She pretends to be unaware. Pavitra tells her whatever happened. She and Bhoomi try to convince Kajal to take money from Pavitra. Kajal gets convinced. She puts forth a condition that Pavitra has to keep her ring mortgaged till Kajal doesn’t return her money. Pavitra takes the ring and gives money to her. Dev requests Pari to let him go to Noor.

Pari blocks his path and says that she won’t let him go anywhere. Dev says that he is both Pari’s husband and Noor’s father. Pari calls Dev liar as he called her and Noor same. She hugs Dev tight and says that Noor will snatch him from her. Dev says it’s complicated, he can’t make her understand it easily. She asks how can Noor be Dev’s daughter when Dev is Pari’s husband. Dev gets speechless. Nimrit tells Noor that she will make everything fine. She scolds Chandni and blames her and Dev for Noor’s condition. She says that after Dev and Chandni’s divorce Chandni got her money and Dev married Pari, none cared about Noor.

Nimrit asks Noor to forget Dev as Pari won’t let him come to her. Neel becomes happy seeing his new camera. Kajal asks if he liked it. Neel asks why Kajal bought it. Kajal says so that Neel can take good pictures. She comes closer to him. Neel hesitates. Kajal asks him to accept it as her apology as she made him upset earlier. Bhoomi asks Pavitra what she is trying to do by helping Kajal as the gift will bring Neel, Kajal closer.

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