Gud Se Meetha Ishq 15th September 2022 Written Update: Dev seeks Chandni’s help

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 15th September 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Kajal tells Neel that his happiness is the most important thing for her. Neel criticizes Pavitra, calls her selfish for spoiling their lives and relationship. Kajal says that they have to make Pavitra understand that Neel belongs to Kajal only. She says that Pavitra has to move on to be happy in life. Neel, Kajal share a hug. Chandni recalls Pari’s words. Noor asks her if Dev will never come to meet her. Chandni says that she is there for Noor. She receives Dev’s call and gets irked. She asks him the matter.

Dev wishes to talk to Noor. Chandni says that Noor is so upset that she didn’t eat anything and slept. Dev says that he wants to meet Noor tomorrow and seeks Chandni’s permission for the same. Chandni asks him to come. Pari calls Dev when he tries to leave in hurry. He asks her the reason of being so happy. She says that it’s Dhruv’s birthday and asks him to come early at evening. He asks her to stay happy like this always. He reminds her about getting ready. Pari leaves to get ready and pack gifts.

Jaidev wishes happy birthday to Dhruv. Neel, Pari wish him next. Pari informs him about coming for his birthday bash in the evening with Dev. She asks Dhruv to bring strawberry cake for her. Bhoomi asks if everything is fine at Pari’s in law’s house as she is worried for Pari. Dhruv informs her that everything is great. Chandni asks Dev what he is trying to prove by bringing so many gifts for Noor. Dev says that he wants to say sorry to Noor. He says that he doesn’t want Noor to suffer because of his and Chandni’s separation.

He doesn’t want the same thing to repeat that happened the last day. He asks Chandni’s help for that. She asks if Dev wants her to leave India with Noor. Dev says that he doesn’t want that instead he wants Chandni to help him in making Pari and Noor friends. She laughs at Dev. Noor overhears their conversation. Chandni says that she can’t let Noor become friends with mad Pari. Dev says that Pari is not mad but Chandni is mannerless. He warns her to not call Pari mad again. Chandni says that she doesn’t fear his warning.

Noor calls Nimrit and informs her about Dev and Chandni’s conflict. She asks Nimrit to come over as she is afraid. She also that Dev wants her and Pari to become friends. He is shouting at Chandni as she didnt agree for it. Noor fears about Chandni’s safety. Nimrit suggests Noor to dial 100 and call police at home as they can help her. She says that she will come after police. Chandni says that Dev has insulted her by giving her place to a mad. Dev says that Pari is a slow learner, she is like Noor not mad. He criticizes her for instigating Noor against Pari.

Bhoomi shows disappointment for not being able to celebrate Dhruv’s birthday according to her wish as Nutan has arranged party at home. Dhruv says that he is loving Bhoomi’s jealousy. He promises to take her on romantic dinner date the next date. They share a hug. Chandni spots Noor. She says that she will dedicate her whole life for Noor, won’t marry second time unlike Dev. She says that Dev kicked her out of his life delibaretly so that he can marry Pari.

Flashback shows how Dev pleaded before Chandni to stay back in his life for Noor but she left him as she wanted to live a luxurious lifestyle. She took Noor away from him and warned him to not contact her ever. Present day, Chandni says that Dev doesn’t care about Noor. She says that Pari can harm Noor which she can’t tolorate. She also says that none can take care of child better than the mother. Noor opens door for police to arrive. The episode ends.

Precap – Noor tells Police that Dev is shouting at and fighting with her mother. Police arrest Dev. Nimrit informs Pari that Dev didn’t return home as he is busy. She says that Chandni has sent Dev behind the bars.

In today’s episode, Kajal asks Neel what he thinks about the incident. She slaps him and says sorry. Neel asks her to slap him more as he deserves it. Neel says that he spent whole night on Pavitra’s bed. Kajal asks whatelse happened. Neel says that he doesn’t know anything but according to Pavitra they crossed all limits. Neel says that he believes that nothing happened like Pavitra said. Neel asks Kajal why she is silent and not lashing out at him. He asks her to hit him.

Kajal says no. Neel, Kajal, Dev, Pari all are in pain. Neel, Dev take care of Kajal and Pari. Neel blabbers and apologies to Kajal in sleep. He shouts and wakes up. He spots tea and Kajal infront of him. He says that he was dreaming, Kajal says that she was watching him. She asks him to have tea. Neel asks Kajal why she is not reacting and requests her to break her silence. Kajal says that she has firm belief that nothing happened between him and Pavitra. She says that both Neel and Pavitra has different opinions about the incident and she has more faith in whatever Neel believes.

Neel asks Kajal how she can trust him so much. Kajal says that she trusts Neel’s heart. Kajal says that Neel married her long ago but he never touched her or took advantage of his rights. She says that she believes that Neel can’t do anything wrong with Pavitra as he doesn’t even love her. Neel and Kajal share a hug. She says that Neel loves her whole heartedly. Pari creates a mess in kitchen. Nimrit asks her why she is making tea instead of Bhuli. Pari says that she is making tea for Dev as he is upset with her. Nimrit stops her from making tea.

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