Gud Se Meetha Ishq 16th May 2022 Written Update: Neil lands in danger in Uttarakhand

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 16th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kajal sitting on her bed and notices his jacket and at the same time, Neil is driving the car towards Uttarakhand and vows to reach there as soon as possible. Kajal says looking at his jacket I am here sitting here with the hope of you please don’t break it. On the other side in Delhi, Pari is practicing song with Dev sir and all are having food however before that a small argument took place between Bhoomi and Dhruv and she is hell bent to prove that Pari is having a relationship with Dev sir but no one pays attention to her words. On the other hand, Satya comes home and Chavi asks him why he is looking so disturbed ?

He says that he can not believe that people around him and especially those whom he knows personally are being involved in something horrible like ruining the life of a girl just to go on with their prejudices. Chavi understands that he is talking about none other than Kajal and she recalls some days ago Pallavi came to their house to seek their help in this matter as well. However Chavi didn’t allow her to meet him and says your daughter is exactly like you, like you were characterless to give birth to a child illegitimately, she is also following your own footsteps only.

Pallavi finally protested and said, I was married to my love, he was my husband and Kajal is our daughter and she is not illegitimate. Till now I used to think you hated me but still you are my own blood related sister and I thought you would help out my daughter since you are also a mother but I was wrong. However always remember if I speak out many people can come in danger because it was you who ditched me in the first place.

Chavi tries to divert the mind of her husband from this matter but he is not ready to let it go and said if the matter was about our daughter Bhoomi will you behave like this at that time as well. He called Pallavi and asked her to file an official police complaint. She said by doing this we can surely avoid the marriage but we will not be able to avoid the humiliation and the danger at all. She cuts the call while Neil is on his way and his car breaks down in the road and Phool Singh is passing by. Phool Singh notices Neil and wonders why he is back .

They went to Neil and his men beat him badly and Neil says that it was me who was with Kajal in that video and he will not let them do what they desire with Kajal at any cost. Pari feels uneasy like earlier times and says Neil is in trouble and something is wrong with him. She says I want to go to him right now and is looking for him while Kajal gets an intuition that Neil is here maybe. Phool Singh hits Neil on the head and he faints and Pari also faints on the other side. Kajal breaks down and cries thinking about Neil.

Precap – Phool Singh keeps Neil as captive and says once marriage is done, no one can do anything.

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