Gud Se Meetha Ishq 17th May 2022 Written Update: Kajal is waiting for Neil to arrive

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 17th May 2022 Written Update:on

Episode begins with Neil is captive under Phool Singh and he says do not harm him, keep him like this as once the marriage is done no one can do anything. In Delhi all are trying to wake Pari up but she is not in a state of sense. In the morning, Kajal is getting ready in the morning for her marriage unwillingly. She suddenly notices the jacket of Neil and finds her own mobile and notices there are two missed calls from Neil and she calls back but no one picks up the call and she gets confused that neither she is able to hope nor her trust is broken.

While in Delhi all are trying to wake up Pari and their grandmother starts praying from God for the well being of Pari and Neil while Dhruv tries to talk to his mother when she says that he should give a call to his father-in-law so that he can help them to find his brother. While Neil is still out of reach for them and his father called almost everyone to know about Neil but no one got any clue about it. Here all the arrangements are done and Phool Singh is waiting for Kajal in the temple to begin the marriage process. Kajal arrived at the temple with her mother and Phool Singh got mesmerized saying the beauty of her in the bridal attire.

Kajal is looking at the statue of goddess Durga and she is silently praying to save her from this disaster of a marriage. On the other hand Neil gets back to his senses and he decides in his mind that he has to reach out to Kajal at any cost to save her life and he can not let her marry this person at all because this will ruin the entire life of Kajal and he cannot afford to do that. He breaks a bottle and grabs one small piece of glass so that he can cut the ropes to free himself.

On the other side the marriage process has started normally and Kajal is sitting there like a lifeless statue because now she’s helpless to do anything. Neil has to fight with all the men of Phool and with much difficulty he finally manages to reach the venue of the marriage before time. Kajal is about to stand for the rounds of marriage when Neil comes and calls her from behind and all get shocked to see him including Pallavi and Phool. Kajal finally gets relieved and thinks that she knows somewhere he will definitely come to save her. Kajal directly goes to Neil and says why did you delay your arrival so much?

Neil says the hero always makes a late entry. They both hugged each other and Neil speaks about what exactly happened that day between them and says I won’t let Kajal get married with his horrible human being named Phool. He says I would have come yesterday night only if this man tried to kill me and kidnapped me. Phool pressurises them to get married thinking he will not be ready but Neil agrees and directly puts sindoor in her partition and Kajal is happy to accept it. Neil vows in mind he will keep his promise at any cost.

Precap – Phool goes berserk and attempts to kill Kajal.

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