Gud Se Meetha Ishq 19th September 2022 Written Update: Chandni has a vision

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 19th September 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Kajal comes at Neel’s room and sees that his phone is ringing. She asks Neel to pick up the call. Neel says that he is taking bath and asks Kajal to receive the call. She picks up the call and learns from Neel’s friend that Neel has not yet fill the form of photography competition. She also gets to know that it’s the last day to fill the application form and submit the registration money. Neel comes there and informs his friend that he won’t take part in competition this year. His friend asks why he won’t take part after doing so much hard work.

Neel says he will talk to him later and cuts the call. Kajal says that she is responsible for this situation, she should not take money from Pavitra. Neel asks her to not stress as he will take part in the competition next year. Dev is at Shergill house. Nimrit serves her juice and says that she tried her level best to release Dev. Dev says everything is fine now. Pari comes there and says that she has planned a great surprise for him. She opens the door for Chandni and Noor to come in. Flashback shows that Chandni said that she and Noor would stay with Dev in exchange for withdrawing her case.

Pari got convinced. Chandni asks Dev to give some times to Noor so that she can accept everything and forgive him. Pari holds Dev and says he is great, Noor won’t be able to stay upset with him for more. Pari asks Dev if he liked the surprise. Dev says very much and thanks Pari. Kajal is lost in thoughts and burns her cloth while ironing. Nutan asks what happened to her. Kajal shares whatever happened after she accidentally broke Neel’s camera. Nutan offers her 5000 rupees as Neel’s registration fee. Kajal says that she can’t take her money but Nutan convinces her. Kajal hugs her. Nimrit tells Chandni that she took the right decision.

Chandni says that she realised Dev’s worth after seeing Dev’s care for Pari and that family is as important as having money. She wants her family, Dev back so that none can harrase Noor at school. Nimrit tells her that she has to kick Pari out to execute her plan. She asks Chandni to use Noor. Chandni says that she wonders what Dev found in mad Pari to marry her. Nimrit says that it’s time for Dev to make a choice between Noor and Pari. Dev comes to talk to Noor. Pari arrives there. Dev asks Pari to give chocolates to Noor that he bought for Noor. She gets tempted but gives them to Noor. Dev tells Pari that he has brought chocolate for her aswell.

Noor throws her chocolate on Pari and says that she doesn’t need chocolates. Pari says that Noor got upset but she will convince her. Dev stops Pari from going to Noor. Pari asks if she is bad as Noor doesn’t like her. Dev says that everything will be fine when Noor and Pari will become friends. He hugs Pari to comfort her. Chandni looks on. Neel tries to leave for his competition.

Kajal gives him arti, food and feeds him curd and sugar. A pendrive falls from Neel’s pocket. Neither Neel nor Kajal notices it. Neel leaves. Chandni tries to cheer up Noor by giving her chocolate. She tells Noor that she is not wrong. She calls Pari wrong for snatching Dev from Noor. She asks Noor to not accept Dev’s half love and fight for her rights. She says that she will help her. The episode ends.

Precap – Neel tells Kajal that he has forgotten his pendrive at home and describes how pendrives look. Bhoomi overhears their conversation and spots the pendrive on the floor. She picks it up. Chandni gives Noor a dress and says that Dev has brought it for her. She informs Noor that he has brought same dress for Pari. Pari praises her dress to Dev. They spot Noor standing there with a knife in her hand.

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