Gud Se Meetha Ishq 1st June 2022 Written Update: Bhoomi and Chavi join hands to make Pari fail

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 1st June 2022 Written Update:on

Episode begins with that lady throws Kajal on the floor while she is pleading from the ladies to let her go but no one paid attention to her when she noticed the fire extinguisher in the room and got an idea.

Here Dev tells the family members that he is hopeful that instead of being scared and negative if all of them continue to be supporting and hopeful for Pari then surely one day she will be successful and he also told them that Pari is capable of singing when they expressed concern about the fact that Pari is still like a baby and she may not be able to fulfill the actual goal for the music show.

Here Kajal takes the fire extinguisher and sprays it on the people and the entire room gets filled with so much smoke. She runs away from the place after noticing a gate and the lady instructs her men to catch Kajal at any cost.

Kajal runs from the place and the men also run behind her and she is not even ready to get caught by them anymore. While on the other side Bhoomi told her mother that we should go out and talk in some other cafeteria as here I can’t even talk freely it is so suffocating. Dhruv comes to the room with tea and says to Bhoomi that he made Darjeeling tea for Bhoomi as it is her favourite.

However, Bhoomi doesn’t get happy with this and she says to her mother that not only the family members but my own husband is not with me so what should I do now ? Dhruv says that you know very well how much I love you so why are you telling such a lie to your mother? Chavi says that we have to make sure that she isn’t able to sing in the concert because we have to send her away from this house and for that one we need to plan out something.

On the other hand, Neil and Satyakam are roaming around the street and trying to find Kajal. Neil understands that he did a blunder by not keeping a tab on Kajal and her whereabouts. Both of them are trying to find her and in this process Neil spots a small statue of Lord Shiva and he starts praying for Kajal from him. Going to dentally at the same time Kajal was running in that street and she noticed him and called out his name.

Neil looks at the side and finally finds out that Kajal is running towards her and two other men are also following her. However, at the end moment, Kajal is hit by a car and she gets injured. The lady reporter made the ladies arrested by police and Neil and Satyakam admitted Kajal to the hospital. Pallavi calls Satyakam to find out about Kajal but he manages the whole situation.

Precap – Kajal’s health is deteriorating and Neil gets worried for her.

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