Gud Se Meetha Ishq 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Kajal pens down her feelings for Neil

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kajal gives the call of Dev to Pari and asks her to talk to him on the call. However, Pari is not talking to Dev directly and she is not even discussing anything with him. Kajal is asking Pari to have a normal conversation with Dev but she is looking at a different side as she has seen Dev as her groom and she is avoiding looking at Dev.

Then on the other hand, Bhoomi and her mother Chavi are thinking how the hell Dev and Kajal got to know that they are involved in the conspiracy behind making Pari unstable on the day of performance. Bhoomi says that I cannot understand how Dev is talking to us like that in such a tone.

She says to her mother you made a plan to take Pari and Kajal out of the house but it flopped big time. She says to her mother that I cannot tolerate those two girls in front of my eyes. Bhoomi says that JD runs the house with his money and Neil is his own son and if by any chance Kajal manages to convince him then she will have a more powerful position in this house and not only that she will project herself in the same level of Bhoomi.

She says to her mother that please help me out to get rid of those two people as soon as possible. Chavi promised her that she will fetch a plan to throw these two persons away from the house.

However Satyakam listened to their conversation from outside of the room and he directly confronted them about their stand. He asked them why after those two innocent girls and what they did to you that you are after their life.

Kajal is completely away from her roots, her family, village and her life is miserable post that. You know everything about her but still you are ready to do what in her life for what? He says to Bhoomi that this family is yours now and you have to take care of their life and happiness. He decided to leave for Uttarakhand as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Kajal is writing all her gratitude and feelings for Neil in a letter and she had a small down the memory journey while writing it. She recalled how he always helped her irrespective of situations and people. Here, Pari comes and says to Kajal that let me read the letter first and then she says I will give it to Neil and she keeps the letter on the study table of Neil in his room.

Meanwhile Bhoomi was passing by and noticed Pari keeping something on the table and after sometime when Pari left from there she entered the room to check. She grabs the letter from the table and reads it and decides to use it against Kajal to throw her out of this house.

Precap – Bhoomi projected a fake letter to prove Kajal is trying to woo Neil in name of friendship in front of the house.

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