Gud Se Meetha Ishq 24th June 2022 Written Update: Bhoomi frames Kajal

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhoomi reads Kaju’s letter for Neel and laughs. Neel asks Pavitra to trust him the other day he went to save Kaju from Phool Singh. Pavitra tells him that she saw him hugging Kaju. Neel pleads her to believe him but the latter refuses then decides to leave the place. She walks away from there and Neel calls out. Phool Singh comes there and strangles Neel from behind. His men suggests him to teach him a lesson by handing him over to the police but Phool Singh hurts Neel and tells that he will teach a lesson to Neel.

Pavitra gets shocked seeing this so she runs towards him and tries to separate them but fails. Phool Singh pushes her away and she hits her head near the car. Neel gets angry so he starts beating him but Phool Singh overpowers him. Pavitra gets worried so she calls Jaidev and tells him everything. The latter gets shocked so he calls out his wife when he finds no one is there he hurries towards out of the house.

 Bhoomi stops him to tell him about Kajal’s letter for Neel but Jaidev tells her he will talk to her later. Kajal sees Jaidev leaving the house worriedly so she asks what happened to Bhoomi. Bhoomi tells Kajal that she knows her well that she is considering herself as Neel’s wife and this house daughter in law just like her.

 Kajal refuses and tells it’s just her misunderstanding. Other side Phool Singh beats Neel by asking how dare he can take his bride from his wedding and inorder to stop the wedding he can fulfill her hairline with vermilion on his name. He also tells that now he is enjoying his life with Pavitra not caring about Kajal then what is the need for him to snatch Kajal from him. Jaidev comes there and separates both Neel and Phool Singh from beating each other.

Jaidev scolds Neel for fighting with Phool Singh like a goon and tells him that they are far better than him. Phool Singh warns Jaidev asking him not to insult. He also tells that until they give him Kajal to him he will fight with Neel wherever they meet. He then says that he will make sure to ruin the reputation of Jaidev and leaves the place angrily. The family members comes to the living room to have coffee.

Bhoomi comes there and says that she wants to tell them something. They asks what it is. Bhoomi tells that Neel made sure how he sees Kajal but she worried and wondered about the latter’s feelings for Neel after reading this she realised what she thought is true. Everyone gets confused and asks her to say what she wants to tell and asks her to read it loud. Bhoomi acts like she don’t want to read it then she brings Kajal and asks her is she the one who write this letter for Neel.

Other side Pavitra tells Neel he is not someone how he used to be in his college days. She can’t tolerate any of this anymore. She is tired of seeing his sudden change in behavior after Kajal’s arrival so now he has to choose either her or Kajal then leaves the place.

Jaidev scolds Neel for insulting him in front of Pavitra too. He also advices Neel to stay away from Kajal. Neel tells Jaidev that he is just trying to fulfill his responsibilities nothing else. Jaidev scolds him again then worries about his injuries but the latter tells him that he is fine.

Kajal tells everyone that she wrote a letter to Neel to thank him. Bhoomi mocks at her. Kajal tells but the letter was in Neel’s room. Neel’s mother asks her that she already to her not to go to Neel’s room right then how could she enter his room. Kajal tells that Pari took the letter from her and puts it in Neel’s room.

Bhoomi tells the family members that she will read the letter so they will get to know about Kajal’s true face. She reads in which it states that Kajal asking Neel to leave his family and to be with her. They both can live a happy life as they both love each other and deserves to be with each other. She also says in that letter it further says Kajal suggesting Neel to live separately from the Khurana’s.

Kajal gets shocked and pleads the family members to believe her its not what she written in it. They all gets shocked seeing an injured Neel. Jaidev accuses Kajal for Neel’s comdition. Neel’s mother goes to Kajal and asks her to tell the truth is she the one who write this letter. Kajal tells everything is same including her handwriting but what it’s written in it is not written by her.

Neel’s mother gets furious and asks Kajal is she think they are fool. Neel goes and takes the letter from his mother’s hand and reads it. He then looks at Kajal shockingly and the latter looks at him with tear filled eyes.

Precap: Neel questions Kajal what is the need to write a letter for him especially when they both are living under a same roof. Kajal cries and says that she just wants to thank him. Jaidev tells that he cant tolerate anything that’s happening in the house because of Kajal so they can send her to hostel shocking both Neel and Kajal. Pari finds the letter which is crumbled and says here is another letter. Kajal looks confused but Bhoomi gets shocked.

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