Gud Se Meetha Ishq 25th May 2022 Written Update: Kajal realised that she is trapped in trafficking

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 25th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pari getting shocked when all the family members barged into her room and started checking her room. She gets shocked and fumbles seeing all these and gets scared and goes out of the room and all of them go behind her. Bhoomi watches everything and starts to smile as her plan is successful in trapping Pari.


On the other hand, Kajal enters the house with the lady but she is feeling uncomfortable seeing everything and says to her that she is finding it a bit uneasy but gives her phone and jewellery to the lady in a blink of an eye. She asks her helper to take Kajal inside and give her something to eat since she had nothing from the morning. She leaves and her helper asks Kajal to come with her. Kajal asks, even in this scorching heat, why all the windows are closed in this house? She says the windows are getting repaired that’s why it is closed and you should be comfortable with being in an airtight room.

Kajal finds the talking style odd and she says why are you talking to me like this and the helper says not only you, I talk to all like this and forcefully took her inside a room and throws her inside and Kajal gets scared and didn’t let her close the door when the lady comes and Kajal says to her, your helper is putting me inside and is talking to me rudely but to the surprise of Kajal, that lady slaps her and Kajal falls on the floor and she gets shocked.

Here in the house, Pari tries to hide behind the table when his uncle says none can save you from me today and holds her hand tightly. He asks her why did you do this? He said this was almost a five lakh rupees stamp paper and moreover the client whose bail papers it is can ruin my life and make it go upside down. Do you all even realise what a big blunder it can cause ? Pari finally says to her uncle that I did nothing wrong but Bhoomi bhabi gives me those papers. I came down as I needed papers to complete my homework and was searching for it. Bhoomi told me to take away these papers and file with me saying these are not important.

On the other hand, Kajal tries to say that you are supposed to help me out to the lady and she says I was just faking it. She says to Kajal to stay here and keep quiet and locks the door and Kajal keeps pleading them to open it and let her go. Pari told the family that Bhoomi is the one who gave her papers but no one believes in her. She goes really helpless and says that Bhoomi is lying in front of all and I am the one who is saying the throat but nobody is believing in me.

Dev comes to her rescue and asks Pari to tell everything from the start. She says and tells Bhoomi is not telling the truth to anyone and Dhruv is siding with his wife Bhoomi. On the other hand, Kajal is feeling helpless as she gets fully trapped and is not able to go out of the room. Bhoomi purposely hit her head on the chair and claims that she got hurt.

Precap – Bhoomi says either me or Pari will stay in the house. Kajal escaped from their clutches.

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