Gud Se Meetha Ishq 26th May 2022 Written Update: Bhoomi’s plan to send away Pari got successful

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 26th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Bhoomi conveniently putting the blame of getting hurt on Pari and Dhruv also sided with her. Pari says I didn’t do anything and hides behind her mother. Bhoomi says you are right and says how long I have to tolerate and manage. From the first day she tried to kill me, blamed me as well, now she hurts me as well. Now all of you have to decide that either me or this girl will stay in this house. All the family members get shocked to hear her words, especially Pari but Bhoomi goes on and says that now it is your call because I can not stay with a person like Pari in the house. Pari says I didn’t do anything and gets scared.

Later JD sits with the entire family members and says Pari is becoming dangerous and unbearable day by day to stay in a normal household with all of us. Now she will no longer stay here and will stay with people who are like them in the home. He says people like her better be in that place.

Bhoomi smiles in her mind as her plan is successful but Pari says that I will not go anywhere from this house because this house also belongs to me. Along with Pari even Dadaji wants to make JD understand but he is in no mood to listen to anyone and says what I decided, I will do that all.

Kajal on the other hand is feeling caged and she is trying to leave the home and is trying to find ways to go out of that place but the room where she is in is locked from all the sides and she was unable to unlock or open any door or window to even go out. She feels helpless and remembers her mother and her moments in Uttarakhand that how beautiful her life was but now it’s all ruined. She decided that she will not give up like this and she has to do something to get out of this place. After looking ahead and there she got some metal threads and using them she tries to open the door and is continuously chanting the name of Lord Shiva.

Another hand in the house, Neil comes back and notices that Bhoomi got hurt so he asks her how did she get injured ? His father told him that he didn’t like the way he just went out of the house without telling anyone, especially him. Neil says that it was an emergency so I had to go out. JD says to Neil that I have decided that from now on Pari will not stay with us but she will stay in a correction home where people like her stay.

Neil comes to meet Pari and she gets happy but says I will not open the door since everybody is deciding to send me away from my house because I am not normal and unstable but my Dev sir told me that I am very special and a god’s child. Kajal finally opened the door and looked outside to see if anyone was there !!

Precap – Pari and Kajal both are running in the streets of Delhi, Kajal notices Neil but before she can come close, she notices those goons coming.

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