Gud Se Meetha Ishq 27th May 2022 Written Update: Pari is back in the house by Dev and Neil

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 27th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pari says to Dev that you are the source of happiness, you make things right. You know right that If I come out of the room then all these people will send me away from this house and I can’t let that happen.

Neil says to Pari I am promising you that no one will do anything but you should open the door but GD uncle comes and says you should not give any false hopes to Pari and starts banging the door and Pari gets scared and thinks Neil and Dev are also playing with her and she says you two are also lying to me and I will never believe you. Dev asks GD not to scare Pari like this but he doesn’t listen to him and keeps banging the door aggressively. Pari notices a window and jumps out of the house through it and climbs down from the ladder.

Her mother notices Pari and says that she is running away and Dev and Neil run behind her to catch her. On the other hand, Kajal also comes out of her room and covers herself but the lady notices her and she runs out of the house immediately without thinking a bit about it. They are also running behind her and Kajal is trying to run away as much as she can. Pari is trying to save themselves from being replaced somewhere else than her own house.

Meanwhile Kajal is trying to hide and make those people confused. On the other side, Pari is trying her best to not get caught while Dev and Neil are running behind her to find her all fit and fine. Meanwhile in the house, Pari’s father came and he got to know everything and got shocked and prayed that nothing would happen to their daughter. However, Bhoomi hopes in private that something may happen to Pari so that she can get saved from that headache for once and all.

Kajal gets to see a temple and she hides behind it so that no one can locate her easily. She’s silently hoping that she gets her way out to get saved from this danger somehow. Coincidentally Neil is also passing by from that place and looking at the temple so that he can get Pari all fit and fine. Dev at the same time calls Neil with his name and Kajal gets to hear that. She stands up and gives him a call with his name but hides again when she notices the goon but unfortunately the lady grabbed Kajal from behind and Neil couldn’t see her but felt as if Kaju called his name from somewhere.

Dev finally finds Pari and makes her understand that she will not be left alone and he is always with her in every situation. Neil also promises Pari that if she is sent outside then they will also join her and bring her home and her parents are crying to see her all fit and fine. Kajal is back in the cage but the tea selling woman recorded the incident and said I will raid with full proof.

Precap – Kajal notices so many girls are there like her and the lady is guessing some issues can take place there so she is planning to shift all the girls. Bhoomi says if Pari stays in this house then I will not stay here.

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