Gud Se Meetha Ishq 29th June 2022 Written Update: Pari gets excited for her marriage

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 29th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kajal signing the document with the help of Neel but Phool is trying to divert her mind by constantly threatening her. He says to the inspector that she is not willing to sign that’s why she is not doing it and Neel is provoking her to do such absurd things and it is not her own decisions. Kajal signed the document and the police inspector told them that the court case will go long and the FIR is quite strong and Phool will not get bail quite easily. The next morning, everyone from the family gets happy listening to the fact that there is an alliance for the marriage of Pari.

Nutan told Neel that she told them everything about Pari and didn’t hide anything about her mental and physical state. But these people agreed to make her their daughter in law even after listening to everything. JD said to Neel that day when Pari was performing on the stage, those people were in the auditorium and they liked Pari instantly.

Pari gets happy when she hears from Kajal that her marriage is going to happen now after a long wait from her side. She gets excited after hearing the news and starts celebrating saying finally my prince charming will come to marry me. She gets excited and tells everyone by shouting that my marriage is going to happen.

Pari told Neel that did you hear about my marriage and expressed her excitement. She told Dev also to join her for her excitement because it is such a big day for her as her dream is going to be fulfilled finally. On the other hand, she gets suspicious about this groom and he expresses her concern to Neil that we have to find out about these people as I am finding it very odd.

Neil understands the concern and says to him that we will investigate and find out about those people. On the other hand Dev comes down and sits with the entire family and tells them that I know I am just a music teacher from Pari but I am so concerned about her so I just wanted to know about these people. He told them that I am not feeling good about the whole thing.

Some of the family members even agreed with him that yes things are not final and we have to get enough information about them as well but JD says that I have had enough information from them and the guy is decent as far as I know. Badi comes down and says that I am feeling hungry. She told Dev that why don’t you want me to get married because you haven’t married yet? She tells everyone to ignore the words of Dev because he is saying anything today.

However Dev says that we will have to be very careful when it comes to Pari because there is no scope for us to make any mistake in this matter. They have decided to call the family of the groom the next day and Dev will also be present at that spot and they will have a discussion with their family in this regard. Pari asks for a make up kit from Bhoomi and she says yes in front of all. Kajal says to Pari to come with her and she will give her food for dinner.

Precap – Kajal laughs seeing Neil sleeping like a baby boy. Bhoomi asks Neil why are you so defensive about Kajal in everything? Are you sure that she is just a friend and nothing else.

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