Gud Se Meetha Ishq 29th September 2022 Written Update: Kajal, Pari’s heart to heart conversation

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 29th September 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Dev confronts Chandni and Nimrit, he questions them for kicking Pari out of the house. He shouts at Nimrit and asks her what was their problem with Pari. He says that he has always kept Nimrit at her mother’s place and calls himself a fool for trusting her blindly. He says that if she cares for property only she could asks him once, he would transfer the whole property to her. He criticizes them for never trying to understand Pari and making her feel miserable. He praises Pari and bash Nimrit, Chandni. He says that Pari only wanted to stay with Dev.


Noor asks Chandni why they did this to Pari. She says that she really wanted to stay with Pari and Dev, play with her etc. She says that Dev is very sad since Pari left and she can’t see Dev like this. She says that she won’t stay in Shergill house until Pari returns. She gears up to leave with Dev to bring Pari back. Chandni pleads her to not go anywhere as Dev loves her too much.

She says that she will leave the house. She tells Dev that she will stay nearby Shergill house but wants Dev in Noor’s life. Dev says that he has to leave to search Pari. She says that she will bring Pari back and asks Dev to take her along with him. Noor, Dev leave.

Nimrit tries to stop Chandni. Chandni warns her to not utter a single word otherwise she will expose her and Navdeep infront of Dev. She suggests Nimrit to go on a world tour and let others live in peace. She blames her for her condition and says that they will not interfere in each other’s matters. Chandni leaves. Neel informs Dhruv that Kajal has left him and shows him the divorce papers. He asks him to help him and cries. Dhruv asks Neel to not worry and comforts him. Kajal tells Pallavi that she sold her ring and bought bus tickets for her and Pari. Pallavi cries over Kajal’s fate as it turned out to be like her only.

Kajal asks her to not cry as whatever happens, happens for good. She says that she always wanted to meet her father to get answers of her questions but Pallavi set an example for her that woman can live life alone, on their terms and she will do the same now. She doesn’t want to force anyone to stay with her. She says that hereafter Pallavi will take rest and she will earn money and run the house.

This time they have another member with her that is Pari. Three of them share a hug. Pari asks food as she feels hungry. Pallavi offers her noodles. Pari praises Kajal, Pallavi and their house. Nutan and his husband learn about Pari that she left home. They worry for both Pari and Kajal. Nutan gets Kajal’s call. She asks for her whereabouts and informs about Pari.

Kajal informs her that Pari is with her at her house. She says that she is ready to ask forgiveness if they think her wrong. Uncle says that Kajal always takes the right decision. Kajal informs them about the issues at Shergill house and says that Dev must need some time to resolve the complications. She requests them to not inform Neel about her whereabouts and says that she has left a letter for him at room. They get convinced. She makes them talk to Pari, sends them her photo. Pari praises Kaju, Pallavi and the place to them. They get relieved.

They decide what to tell Dev if he comes there to enquire about Pari. Kajal feeds Pari. Pari mentions Dev and worries for him. Kajal says that distance will increase their love. Kajal tells Pari that she has spent the best time of her life with Neel but Neel was not happy with her. He always helped her but she messed up his life. She has left Neel for his happiness. Pari says that her story is no different. Kajal says that she and Pallavi love her a lot and they will live a happy life together. Kajal thinks that Dev will come to Pari but Neel will never return to her.

Precap – Neel and Dev arrive at Pallavi’s house. Neel begs Kajal to return with him. Kajal says that she can’t return to Delhi with him. Pari tells Dev that she can’t go back with him as he is not happy with Pari. Dev says that he wants Pari only.

In today’s episode, Nutan and his husband discuss about Dhruv and Bhoomi. Neel comes there and informs them that the visitors loved his photographs, almost all photographs got sold out. Neel asks Bhoomi about Kajal if she has seen her somewhere. Nutan also enquires about Kajal. Bhoomi tells that Kajal’s mood was off so she went for a walk outside.

Neel worries for Kajal’s safety in congested City like Delhi. Bhoomi asks him to relax and not worry for Kajal. She leaves from there. Neel tells his uncle and aunt about his latest interaction with Kajal, how much he is regretting now for mistreating with her. They suggest him to speak his heart out infront of Kajal so that she can understand him. Neel agrees and goes outside to search her.

Pari asks for food from Kajal as she feels hungry. Kajal gives Pari her favourite chocolate. Pari hugs her. She asks Kajal if she will remember Neel like she will remember Dev. Kajal says yes. Like Pari loves Dev, she also loves Neel. Distance or circumstances can’t affect the love. She tells Pari that true love never ends, it increases with time. Kajal says that Pari should go back to Dev as he is really nice. Pari gets irked and asks if Kajal doesn’t like her. Kajal says that she loves her a lot but she must inform Dev about Pari. Pari objects. Kajal gets convinced. Pari gets excited as she will sit in bus for the first time. Kajal hugs her.

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