Gud Se Meetha Ishq 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Kajal disclosed her true feelings to Satyakam

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 2nd June 2022 Written Update:on

Episode begins with Neil getting tensed to see Kajal in a critical situation and calls the doctor to have a check on her. He told Satyakam that her pressure is very low and I can not risk her life. He thinks that only her mom can make her happy now and he was about to call Pallavi but Satyakam snatched the phone from his hand and made him understand that if he calls her now then he had to tell everything that he did till now to her in details and then things will get more complicated.

Neil understands that maybe somehow Kajal considers this so called marriage between them as a real one and that is why she is being so scared and tensed. He shares his feelings with his girlfriend Pavitra and says I have to find out the real truth about why Kajal lied to me. He says to Pavitra that today if I don’t find her then her entire life will get ruined and only I will be responsible for it. Pavitra feels uneasy but she tries to support Neil as much as she can. Neil comes back home and he could not get proper sleep at night while thinking about Kajal all the time.

On the other hand, Kajal was unconscious the whole night and the next day came. Pari is happy and cheerful from the morning as she is getting ready with new clothes and her mother is making her ready by making her hairstyle. She says to her doll that she is very happy today since there is a Pooja in the house for her and also she is going to perform for the first time and today she got a new dress in which she’s looking so pretty so it was a happy day for her.

However Nutan told her that the puja is not for her but for Bhoomi and Dhruv since they got married recently and it is the tradition of their family to keep up a puja for the newly wed couple. Pari understands the matter and she gets happy but her mother says that you will not come down today till the time I will not call you as you are my good girl, I know you will listen to me. Neil is lost in his mind and he gets ready for the puja but he goes out of the house without talking to Pari and asks her not to create any scene in the house.

Pari told Dev that she is sure that Neil is disturbed and sad regarding something but he will not disclose but will cover up by saying something or other things to her. Bhoomi and her mother decided that they will not let Pari overpower today’s event as it is only for Bhoomi. Satyakam comes to meet Kajal and he asks her if she thought this marriage was a real one. Kajal cried and called him “baba” and disclosed the entire story of her life to him and says when Neil came and supported her that day, she really thought for a moment maybe he was marrying her for real. Neil overhears their conversation from outside of the hospital ward and feels sad.

Precap – Kajal is going to fall from bed but Neil holds her at time and Pavitra feels sad seeing them. Pari is saying she won’t sing in a loud voice but family members get to hear her voice and Bhoomi gets angry again.

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