Gud Se Meetha Ishq 31st May 2022 Written Update: Kajal rescued all the girls from the captive

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 31st May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Chavi blaming the entire family and especially Pari for her daughter. She says till now I was keeping quiet for the betterment of my daughter but now it is too much to tolerate. She says if Pari is so innocent then why does she target my daughter all the time ? First she ruined my daughter’s bridal dress, then she always disturbed my daughter in every possible situation. She says to Nutan that you told me, you will keep my daughter Bhoomi as your own daughter and not just a daughter in law then what is happening now?

If your daughter is so innocent then why don’t you send her to a place where people like her stay, I am sure she will be happy and people can look after her better. Dev interrupted in between the conversation and said that I know this is your family matter and should not talk in between and for that I am saying sorry in advance but whatever you are saying about Pari is not correct.

I can say that your understanding and knowledge about people like Pari is completely wrong. Pari is not someone who will think negatively about anyone, her thought processes are not like that, she hardly thinks bad about anyone. On the other side, Kajal with the help of people and the journalist gathered the entire girls and asked them to hide behind the boxes and drums so that they could escape. The men came inside and surprisingly got to see no one.

They all thought that the girls they have kept captives must have run away from their cage. Hence they decided to catch them and went out of the garage. Once they left, Kajal slowly brought out all the girls one by one and asked them to go out of the garage with the help of that reporter silently so that no one could get to know about it. Under her supervision and direction all the girls are going out of the garage safely and she is keeping an eye on it so that no one can get to know about it.

Here in the house, Neil says to Bhoomi that you raised your hand on Pari di, I said nothing. The first day when you entered the house, you blamed her and called her mentally unstable, mad and I kept quiet but please stop saying such hurtful things to her. She is not that type of person and even you know this. Dev says I want to take up a challenge to prove that buddy can do anything which suits your narrative of a normal person.

Next week I have a music show and I am promising you all that Pari will have a solo singing session in that show and she will prove that she also can do so much. Kajal noticed while going out that one girl is still left and she asked her why she is not going out, she said these people will kill us and Kajal says don’t be afraid and holds her hand. Some goons came and Kajal fought them back but caught herself.

On the other hand, Neil told Satyakam that the marriage was his last resort to save Kajal from those people. Kajal also knows that this marriage holds no value but they get to know that Kajal is not in contact with her mother Pallavi and Neil gets worried again for her.

Precap – Kajal successfully comes out of the den and notices Neil, while coming to her, she got hit but a car and got injured.

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