Gud Se Meetha Ishq 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Kajal feels bad to see Neil and Pavitra

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pari getting ready for her mehendi function in her house and all the other ladies are helping her for this. On the other hand, Neil got ready too and all the boys are with him in his room. Kajal comes into the hall and notices everyone is enjoying and chatting with each other.

She comes and tries to greet the guests of the party and also feels bad to see Pavitra standing as the fiance of Neil in front of all the people. Pavitra was very happy and she was enjoying herself. Neil also comes into the hall and joins his family for the celebrations meanwhile Pavitra insists him to join her for a dance performance and they start dancing in the centre of the entire space and everyone is watching them and appreciating them.

However while dancing, Neil imagines that it is not Pavitra but Kajal who is dancing with him and he was completely lost in her but then he comes back to his census and realises that he is waiting married to Pavitra and not Kajal and she is his fiance at this point. This is also present at the hall when after sometime Mathur comes with his family to attend the marriage ceremony function. The entire family welcomes Mathur and his family and Pari also comes down in the mehendi look and everyone is looking at her as she was looking beautiful in the green coloured suit.

Dev comes forward and plays a video clip in front of the whole family to prove the reality of Mathur so that they. Initially everyone understands the matter and believes Dev that Mathur is not a nice choice for Pari. However Mathur once again changed the entire game when he told Pari to speak up the truth that why he miss behaved with her?

She without any delay speaks up and puts the entire film on Dev itself and says that he is doing all these because he doesn’t want me to get married at all and this is why he is creating scenes in my marriage functions one after another which is beyond my expectations and thinking. Dev got hurt with the accusations of Pari as he never imagined she could go against him for someone she hardly knows.

Every other family member also insulted Dev and called him an outsider who has no value or no hold on the family matters at all. He tries to talk to Pari for one last time due to their long term association and relationship. However she is rigid and is not ready to listen to anything and anyone and was saying only one thing that everyone is jealous of her marriage and doesn’t want to see her as a bride.

Dev feels extremely hurt and disappointed with the behaviour of Pari and her family members so he worked out from their house but before going he told Madhur that things are not yet done between you and me and I will settle the scores with you soon. Kajal also leaves along with Dev and Neil feels helpless in front of his family.

Precap – Dev says Kajal and Neil both love each other so much.

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