Gud Se Meetha Ishq 6th July 2022 Written Update: Neil assured Kajal about Madhur

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 6th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Madhur asking Dev about if he is not convinced or not about this alliance. Dev says no one can think more better than this family for Pari so if they are convinced I am happy too. Her happiness matters.

Dhruv asks Madhur to sit and they are talking. Pari on the other hand is ready to go down as Kajal prepares her really well. She is extremely excited to meet her Raju and is constantly trying to go down to meet her groom and his family.

Kajal is finding it tough to tackle her and she tricks Kajal and goes down and screams that I want to go to Raju and meet him. She looks at the tray of tea and says I will serve them tea like in movies. The way girls go with a tray in hand to meet people, I will also go and then will pretend to be shy. She forcefully took a tray and didn’t let Kajal touch it. However, Kajal still supports the tray enough so that it doesn’t fall and along with her Neil also comes to support Pari.

Kajal feels so happy and relieved seeing him. Pavitra watches them together and feels jealous and disturbed as usual. Pari is being too excited about her alliance and Kajal offers tea to her groom. Kajal calls Neil in a corner asking about Pari and Mathur. Neil tells Kajal everything and says let’s hail lord Mahadev and goddess Kajal too.

Kajal gets emotional and says to Neil that this name Kajal was given to me by my father and I never realised when it became Kaju. Neil says if it is that much special then from today onwards I will call you with your full name only and I will keep this going till the last days of my life.

Kajal feels so overwhelmed with his gesture and they are back but Pavitra gets angry seeing them together. Pari takes Madhur inside her room for talks and also asks Dev to come with her. Dev is reluctant to go with them but for the sake of Pari he agrees. On the other hand, Madhur asks Kajal to give him a glass of water. Kajal agrees and asks Neil to take them to Pari’s room.

Meanwhile Bhoomi talks to Pavitra and asks her what is their plan for marriage and gets settled down. Pavitra says that as of now we don’t have any plans for marriage but we will definitely get settled down together in upcoming days. Bhoomi says to Pavitra that we all like you so much in fact Jaydeep uncle and Sonia aunty like you so much that is why they invited you to such a private function of our family.

Pavitra gets happy to listen to this and feels relieved when Bhoomi says that you don’t need to worry about Kajal. She is just a house help of this family and doesn’t have any more respect in this house and after the marriage of Pari di, we will get rid of her soon. However Bhoomi asks her to keep an eye always as Neil is innocent and Kajal can trap him anytime.

Precap – Madhur gets a call from his wife and says to her I am trying to get married to a mentally challenged girl, Pari. Kajal overheard his conversation.

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