Gud Se Meetha Ishq 6th June 2022 Written Update: The family gets annoyed with Neil and Kajal

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 6th June 2022 Written Update:on

Episode begins with Neil praying to God that what should I do? Kajal gets discharged and Neil comes to take her and tells her that I will take you to my house. On the other hand, Kajal says I don’t have any other clothes, all my luggages is left there somehow. Neil says come with me and then I will shop for some clothes .

Kajal says to Neil she will go somewhere else and even Pavitra madam tells her about some girl’s hostel. Neil says to Kajal that I am already angry with you for lying to me on my face directly. He made her understand that whatever the problem and miscommunications are there, we will sort it out among ourselves and will find out some way to get rid of this problem.

Pari is standing on the balcony and she notices Neil’s car and she gets excited thinking that he is back. Neelkanth gets out of his car and goes on the other side and opens the door for Kajal so that she can get out of it. Pari gets double excited when she notices that Kajal is in the attire of a bride and Neil is also in a traditional cloth and she concludes they both must have gotten married and come back from there. She comes down being so excited and happy.

Bhoomi and Dhruv are spreading the smoke of havan in the entire house. Pari comes down and gets excited to see them. Bhoomi spills the plate from her hand and is shocked to see them standing there. Pari also gets shocked to see Bhoomi and she immediately says that I didn’t do anything, I was not even out of my room the entire time but Neel came with Kajal so I came down to receive them.

She says to the family that don’t look at me, look at Neil and Kajal; they both are coming in a dress of bride and groom. JD gets angry and says to take Pari away from this place. Dev takes her away from there and Staykaam comes forward and tells Neil to speak out about everything honestly.

Nail told everything from the beginning to his enter family and also says that how Kajal got in a huge problem due to him. However, after listening to everything, his family got no sympathy for Kajal and moreover they started being extremely mean to Kajal and also asked Neil to come with them so that they could have a word with him privately. Neil told his family members that Kajal was in problem when she was out of this house and things can get worse then what it is now so he can take any more risk with this.

On the other hand, Kajal is disturbed with the entire thing. However, Bhoomi calls the entire struggle of Kajal as a drama and says that you must have tried to trap my brother-in-law so that you can come in this big house. Kajal says I did nothing that sort of.

Precap – Neil says if Kajal goes out of this house then I will join her too. Pari says I will also come with both of you.

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