Gud Se Meetha Ishq: Dev to get arrested!

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Gud Se Meetha Ishq depicts the rollercoaster journey of a young couple Neel and Kajal who got married in an unusual circumstance on Star Bharat and Hotstar. Currently we are seeing that Dev argues with Chandni. Noor contacts Nimrit and asks her to come over. Nimrit suggests her to call the police.

In the previous episode, Neel criticized Pavitra for trying to spoil their relationship. Kajal proposed to make Pavitra understand that Neel belongs to Kajal only. She said that Pavitra has to move on to be happy in life. They shared a hug. Pari asked Dev to return early from office as it was Dhruv’s birthday.

Dev agreed. Dev went to meet Chandni. He seemed her help for making Noor and Chandni friends. Chandni laughed at Dev. She said that she would not let her daughter mingle with mad Pari. Dev said that Pari was a slow learner not mad. He called Chandni mannerless.

Noor called Nimrit and said that Dev and Chandni are fighting with each other. She asked Nimrit to come. Nimrit asked Noor to dial 100 and call the police. Chandni pretended seeing Noor. She said that Dev abandoned her and Noor to marry Pari.

Flashback showed that Dev pleaded Chandni to stay back for the sake of room. Chandni left him as she wanted to live a luxurious lifestyle. Noor opened the door for police to enter Shergill house.

In the upcoming episode, Noor tells Police that Dev is shouting at and fighting with her mother. Police arrest Dev. Nimrit informs Pari that Dev didn’t return home as he is busy. She says that Chandni has sent Dev behind the bars.

What will Pari do? Will Dev get bail? Will Kajal confront Pavitra? What Bhoomi, Pavitra will do next?

To know stay tuned to Gud Se Meetha Ishq on Star Bharat, Hotstar app and this space.