Gud Se Meetha Ishq: Neil to bring Kajal home?

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Star Bharat recently launched the show “Gud Se Meetha Ishq” is a love story between two different people who are brought together by the circumstances of faith and how they fall in love with each other. However as per the current track of the show, Kajal is finally recovering from her injuries however the growing concern of Neil towards her is bothering Pavitra and she is trying to keep Kajal away from Neil so that he stops thinking about her. On the other hand, Pari is disturbed with the thought of Neil being upset while the entire family is busy doing puja at home.

The regular viewers of the show will get to see tonight in the episode, Kajal will disclose whatever she felt in this while with Satyakam and Neel will overhear their conversation in the hospital. Neil will try his best to take care of Kajal while on the other hand Pavitra who was also present at the hospital did not like the care and concern of Neil for Kajal and she decided to find an NGO hostel for her to stay. Bhoomi and Dhruv sit for the puja at their home and Pari doesn’t come out of the room while Dev goes to meet her. Dev tried hard to make Pari learn the music. But Pari is in no mood to rehearse the songs as she is disturbed and starts shouting which causes problems in the puja process.

In the upcoming episodes of the show the viewers are going to see, Neil will come back home after the puja is completed with Kajal. Pari will get excited to see Kajal coming inside their house and in that excitement she will run towards her flipping the plate of puja from the hands of Bhoomi.
What will happen next? Will Kajal be able to get acceptance in the house of Neil? Will Pari be able to stay in the house? To know more, keep watching this space.