Gud Se Meetha Ishq: Pari and Kajal to land in trouble?

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Star Bharat show ” Gud Se Meetha Ishq” is coming up with everything that the audiences would not like to see on their screen. As per the current track, Bhoomi who never liked Pari from the first day, started conspiring against her to use her weakness for her advantage to fulfill her agenda. On the other hand, Kajal who got to know about Neil having a girlfriend in his life, decided to be away from him and unfortunately landed in trouble. In short nothing is going right for the fans of the show who wanted to see the love story of Neil and Kajal post their marriage.

The regular viewers of the show are going to see tonight, Kajal will finally come to know about the real face of the NGO lady but it will be too late for her to do anything to save herself and she will get trapped in their plan. Well on the other side Pari, who had no idea about the ill intentions of Bhoomi will face the consequences of using those stamp papers for her homework without her knowledge. Unfortunately even after telling the truth nobody believed her and Bhoomi continued to paint her wrong in front of all so that she could fulfill her plans. As of now it will be very complicated to predict how Pari and Kajal both will save themselves from this danger.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, Kajal will get an opportunity to escape from the house where she is being caged for trafficking and she will be running in the streets of Delhi while goons will follow her to catch her. On the other hand Bhumi will give an ultimatum to the house people that she cannot share the same roof with Pari anymore and from now on either she or Pari will stay in the house. Neil will be shocked to know that Pari will be sent away from home. To know more about your favourite show, keep watching this space.