Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paayega 28th December 2020 Written Update: Guddan asks Agastya to stay in their house as a son-in-law with his wife

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paayega 28th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Agastya saying to Niya my wife has made the best birthday cake for me already and we have cut the cake already and applied the cream on each other too so you can keep your black forest cake to yourself and enjoy it. She asks Niya to go away from this house by tomorrow morning itself so that when I wake up from my sleep, I will be spared from seeing your face in the morning.

 The other family members also gathered there to celebrate his birthday with cake and all and Agstya gets happy to see the cake and he cuts it with full of happiness and excitement. Rashi asks Agastya to cut the cake and she gives him a  DIY birthday greeting card and Agstya gets so happy to have it. He compliments her and she says it is all because of my chasmish mother as the idea I had from her only and Sona aunty compliments Guddan for making Rashi learn so much in such a short span of time and scolds Niya for being an useless fellow.

 Niya says if you have done with your rants then go ahead from here. They are celebrating whe Pushpa comes there with the cake piece and asks Agastya to eat it but he refuses it saying that whatever you did with me is too much for me to intake and forget but still if you are saying then let me tell you I can never look at you like the earlier time and the only thing is left is limitless hatred for you which will never lessen so soon.

She tries to make him remember all the moments she arranged the birthday parties for Agastya and he is getting a bit emotional with her words. Pushpa again tries to feed Agastya the piece of cake but he is about to eat it from her hand when there is a doorbell ring. Someone says to Agastya that there is a birthday gift for you and he gets shocked to see such a huge gift is packed for him.

He asks all about it and they say none of them have ordered this gift for him. He thinks then it must be my wife Guddan and he opens the ribbon with so much excitement but to his shock it was none other than his mother-in-law Guddan standing inside the gift box and she says as you are my son-in-law and today is also your birthday so I thought why don’t I give you myself as a gift on your birthday. She declares that she is going to stay with them in the house only when Pushpa says now you will stay in your daughter’s in-law house.

 She says this house is mine which you people snatched from my daughter by doing fraud and that is why I am going to stay in this house only with my daughter and technically it is Agastya who is staying in the house as the son-in-law of the house. She says if Agastya loves my daughter truely then he shouldn’t have any issue staying in this house with me.  Pushpa directly declines and says we will not stay in this house for a single moment also and asks all to pack their bags and Agastya gets in a dilemma.

Choti asks her mother about it when she says whatever she is doing is for the betterment of her and also it is needed to check whether Agastya has the ability to take any decision without getting influence by his mother’s words because in future he can again gets influenced by her words and that time you will fall in a grieve problem again so let me do what I am doing. Agastya is in deep thinking while Choti is feeling sad that everything went in a different way in a short span of time.