Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th August 2020 Written Update: First challenge by Ganga for Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guddan telling Ganga that she accepts her challenge as she is ready to play this game of death for her daughter. Akshat asks her what she is saying. Guddan asks him to trust her as she is a mother and would give up her own life before anything happens to her daughter. She shows a peacock feather to Ganga saying that she might not remember that it’s Janmashtmi exactly after three days so she may take it as coincidence, blessing or maybe a mother’s belief but she actually chose the day on which Lord Krishna who destroys the bad was born to hand over Choti. She adds that Choti might have this name but her actions are going to be bigger than Ganga’s height. She says that she can start her game but it’s her promise that she will cent percent end it as she will win it for her Choti while Lord Krishna will protect her.

Ganga says that she likes her courage but she shouldn’t make the mistake to take this game lightly because it is not going to be easy or like other games: in this game of three days there will be different levels and, just like it happens in video games, every level is going to get more and more difficult, and that’s what the fun is about. She chuckles. She warns Guddan that she won’t get any second chance and asks if she accepts.

Guddan accepts every rule and says that it’s 9.30pm, time for Choti to sleep so she asks Ganga if she can meet Choti, but Ganga says that nobody will meet Choti before the end of the game. Guddan asks if she can see her on video call at least because Choti doesn’t sleep without her so she wants to sing a lullaby for her. Ganga agrees but only after and if she wins the first challenge.

Ganga asks Guddan to hurry up and take her decision otherwise there won’t be fun in playing. Guddan asks what she will have to do. Ganga replies that it’s Choti’s father that has to do it. Everyone looks on. Ganga says that it’s a very easy work for Akshat who is a chef: he has to make a moon-like round roti and in exchange he can sing lullaby for Choti, but the roti shall be exactly a circle. Akshat says that he doesn’t know if he shall laugh on her stupidity or be grateful for his luck as she is challenging a chef to make roti. He is about to walk away when Ganga warns him that he shouldn’t make any mistake. Akshat replies that she shouldn’t worry about it since he hates mistakes and those who make them. With that, he leaves.

After a while, Akshat brings a round roti in front of Ganga who looks at it impressed saying that it is as round as the earth. Durga says that Akshat passed the first challenge so she shall let them talk with Choti. Guddan says that she knows Ganga and the challenge cannot be so easy. She asks her what she is hiding. Ganga puts the roti back on plate and then looks at Guddan saying that she knows her fan so well whereas Akshat should stop thinking that she is stupid and learn from Guddan. She says that the real game is going to start now as Guddan has to replicate Akshat’s roti in exact seven minutes. Durga says that it’s a betrayal as she very well knows that Guddan doesn’t know making rotis. Ganga asks why she would have played this game if it was so easy. She tells that she has created every challenge taking note of every weakness. Lakshmi says that it is cheating but Ganga shuts her up and says that they shall all just clap and cheer as audience and not interfere in this game which is solely between her and Guddan. Ganga repeats to Guddan that she has to make round roti like Akshat’s one in next seven months and then she will be able to sing lullaby for Choti who, otherwise, will cry and then sleep after getting tired.

Durga holds Guddan’s hands and says that she can do it. Guddan says that she will do it very well as she can do anything for her daughter. Ganga asks her to hurry up because time is very precious for her and warns her that the roti should be exact replica of Akshat’s roti. She starts the chronometer saying that her times starts now. Akshat tells Guddan to go for it and that she can do it. Ganga asks her to leave as time is going on. Guddan walks away.

Guddan goes in kitchen and recalls Ganga’s voice. She thinks that she has to do it for Choti. Lakshmi wonders what will happen if Guddan won’t be able to make roti. Akshat says that this game is for a mother and a mother cannot ever lose such a game as she can do anything for her child.

Guddan starts trying to make a round roti. Time goes on but Guddan struggles. Everybody is tensed. Ganga enjoys. Guddan is not able to make a round roti and recalls Ganga saying that Choti will have to sleep herself after crying and getting tired. Guddan cries. She remembers Akshat encouraging her and wipes her tears trying once again.

Akshat is sure that she can do it. Everyone looks worried. Akshat says that he has to help her but Ganga stops him and asks him to meet the goons. The latter arrive and surround Akshat. Ganga says that it won’t be nice if he bashes him or get him beaten by these goons after which he may understand. Akshat asks in English if she is threatening him. Ganga laughs and so do the goons. She says she can do anything because it’s her life, her game and her rules. Goons hail her. Ganga says that he should stop playing with his baby’s safety so he should let her keep an eye on Guddan. She warns that she will get Choti killed if he even takes a step ahead. Akshat looks at Guddan. Ganga laughs seeing how much Guddan is struggling in the first level itself.

Guddan sighs saying that it’s easy to give birth to baby but it’s so difficult to make round roti. She wonders what to do. She eats a banana thinking that it might help her brain to work. She gets an idea.

Akshat wonders what she is trying to do and wishes to have taught her to make round roti that day instead of taunting her. In a flashback it is shown that Guddan was trying to make roti when Akshat comes and taunts her saying that her favourite subject must be geography as she is expert in making rotisl ike maps. He mocks her. Guddan says that he should teach her and suddenly throws flour on him. She mocks him saying that his favourite subject must have been home science. She is about to leave after mocking him but Akshat grabs her hand and pulls her closer. He grabs box with flour and throws it on Guddan. Then he starts behaving romantically. He tries to kiss her but she breaks the moment asking him to teach her how to make roti. Akshat says that she doesn’t need to learn since he is always at her service. Akshat remembers that day and curses himself for not teaching her how to make round roti.

Guddan tries to make round roti but struggles again. Ganga asks Akshat to look at timepiece. Guddan looks at timepiece too and sees that only one minute and fifteen seconds are left. Ganga is sure that Guddan will never be able to make round roti. She laughs evilly.

Episode ends